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15 Apr 2008
Three months ago, Deportivo was penultimate in the table. Now it's ninth and all eyes are over a possible qualification for the next Intertoto cup. A radical change that took place within the last twelve games in liga. Period of time in which the Galicians started to reach the most unthinkable marks. Four are the historical records that Depor is able to reach during the remaining six games on the season.

Not even the most optimistic fan could expect to witness what Deportivo is doing at this moment of la liga. In just three months, the Galicians passed from been heavily involved in the relegation to aspire to the European competitions. And its that Deportivo has added twenty six points since the end of January, mark that has converted Lotina's squad into the best team in the second round.

This behaviour is allowing Depor to reach the ninth place in la liga, just two points behind the spot that gives a ticket to the next Intertoto cup. All started with the home game against Valladolid, at that time Depor was 19th in the table with only 17 points after 20 matches. Lotina's team achieved a 3-1 win and since then, the squad started an impressing comeback adding other seven victories plus two draws during the following eleven matches. This positive streak is allowing Deportivo to dream with the fact of breaking four historical records at the club:

With the two goals conquered by Coloccini and Filipe on the past Sunday, Depor's defenders are now accumulating eight conquers during the whole season (Coloccini 4, Pablo Amo 2, Lopo 1, and Filipe Luis 1). This number represents the best one between the twenty clubs in Primera and the second best in Depor's history. So far the record is nine goals, mark reached on the season 2005/2006 (Capdevila 4, Juanma 4 and Andrade 1). Depor's defenders have now six more matches in order to break this mark.

The curious thing is that the strikers have improved a lot their own mark, all thanks to Xisco's five goals within the last three liga games. Now Depor's attackers accumulates 17 on the campaign, just one less than the mark achieved during Caparr??s's first season at the club: However, this mark still far from the historic record: 45 (season 2002/03)

Comparison of goals in all the lines:

So far Deportivo is the best team in the second round with 26 points added after 13 matches, the historic record at the club is represented by the 40 points added in the last 19 matches of the season 2002/2003. In order to reach this mark, Depor will need to add 14 of the 18 points still remaining in the calendar. A thing that seems complicated. An interesting fact is that Lotina's Deportivo already surpassed the marks reached by Caparr??s during the second round of his two seasons at the club.

The numbers during the second round of the last ten seasons:

This is the most dramatic achievement. Depor only conquered one win and two draws at the Riazor during the first round, numbers that represented the worst mark in the history of the club, but things have been totally different within the last three months, because the Galicians have now more wins than defeats at home as they have won six of the seven matches disputed at the Riazor during the second round, a mark that includes the last five games played at home.

It's the first time in five years that Depor is able to achieve five straight victories at home, the last time Depor did this was between the seasons 2002/2003 and 2003/2004, period in which Depor reached the mark of six consecutive wins: 3-2 Vs. Atletico Madrid, 2-1 Vs. Espanyol, 2-0 Vs. Atlhetic Bilbao, 3-0 Vs. Albacete, 5-1 Vs. Atletico Madrid and 2-1 Vs. Valencia. The historic record at the club is nine straight wins at home, something that was achieved two times in Depor's history. With three games still to be played at the Riazor, Depor could end the season at the doors of reaching the historic mark for the third time. A total madness taking in mind the behaviour during the start of the campaign.

The two times in which Depor won nine straight games at home:

Depor added its third win in a row in la liga after the 3-0 victory over Athletic Bilbao. It's the first time in two and a half years in which Depor does this, the last time was during the season 2004/2005: 2-0 at Sevilla (matchday 14), 1-0 Vs Cadiz (matchday 15) and 3-0 at Celta (matchday 16). Depor needs four more wins in order to tie the historic record at the club: seven straight wins in Primera Divisi??n. Mark reached during the season 1999/2000.

The all-time record of straight wins in la liga:

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