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15 Apr 2008
A mix of substitutes and Fabril's players achieved the pass to the final in copa Galicia. Lotina's side was the superior side during the game and now it will face Celta in the final of the tournament, but the main news is that Valer??n felt a strong pain on his right knee, reason why he was replaced during the first half. The doctors will analyse now the seriousness of the case

As it happened in the past game with Racing de Ferrol, coach Miguel Angel Lotina used the less habitual men for the semi-final confrontation against Negreira (a club in Tercera). The main novelty was to see Marcos Caridad playing with the first squad, Caridad is a young central defender from Juvenil A that already made the pre-season with the first squad during the stages of Caparr??s and Lotina. The other youngster in the starting formation was Fabril's left back Juachi.

The bad news was the problem suffered by Juan Carlos Valer??n when the game was just starting, the Canarian playmaker felt a strong pan in his right knee, Lotina decided to replace him for precaution reasons. Later the doctors confirmed that he's fine and that new scans will be made during the next 48 hours in order to establish the state of Valer??n's knee.

Meanwhile, Deportivo was showing its superiority over the pitch. The first half ended with a 1-0 score thanks to a great goal scored by Rodolfo Bodipo. Depor increased the lead during the second half and the game ended with a 5-1 win for Lotina's side.

In the other semi-final, Celta defeated Ourense with a 1-0 score. Now Celta and Deportivo will play the final and will awake the spirit of the Galician derby. It hasn't been decided yet the stadium in which the game will be played nor the date. It's only know that it should be on April 23rd or 30th.

Line-up used by Lotina: Mun??a - Barrag??n, Adri??n L??pez 'Piscu', Marcos Caridad, Juachi - Verd??, Juan Rodr?­guez - Cristian, Valer??n, Riki - Bodipo. Taborda replaced Valer??n during the first half and Iv??n Carril, Hugo Garc?­a and Rub?©n Castro entered during the second half.
Goals: Barrag??n, Bodipo, Riki, Cristian and Rub?©n Castro.

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