18 Apr 2008
Coach Miguel ?ngel Lotina talked in a Internet interview arranged by newspaper <i>La Opini??n A Coru?a</i>. The Basque coach talked analysed several aspects, including the current moment of the squad and the plans for the next season. Of the 50 question made by the public, presents the translation of the 30 most interesting inquiries.

1- What team met your aspirations as a coach?
A: All teams have something special. Numancia was an unknown club until it came to Primera. Osasuna had six years in Segunda, and the promotion was very important for the city. Celta, after five years in Europe, we got the Champions (League) ... At Espanyol we got the copa del rey and at Real (Sociedad),curiously, although we went down, I was very happy with my work. Every club has something special.

2- Do you like to live in A Coru?a, what about your family?
A: Yes, I like the city, I like the character of the people and my family is comfortable on here, it's one of best cities where we have been.

3-  In the event that one of the central defenders would not continue for next season, would you sign someone else or would you trust in people like Piscu, Chapi or David Rochela?
A: My vision is to count with Piscu, Rochela and Chapi, if he signs an extension. From that point, if we lose a central defender, like Coloccini, we will analyse to bring another central defender with more experience.

4. Do you think we can dream of playing the UEFA next year?.
A: My dream is to improve the squad to face next season, this in order to fight for higher goals. And it's clear that I would like to see Depor returning to Europe as soon as possible

5. Let's talk about Taborda. Many people criticised him, in their view, he possess a zero ability to play with his feet. Is true that he isn't good playing with the ball on the ground? or we are about to see another Taborda that maybe you see during the trainings?
A: Taborda is a very good player, one who dominates the aerial game and plays very well with his feet, as he does with the head and in secondary plays. The problem that he has is that clearly, he isn't a fast player, especially in long runs, but he can play very well with his feet. People are wrong on that.

6. I suppose that you will ask the club to make an effort to keep Filipe, Lafita and Willy, isn't?
A: We see them as three very important players, and with a big potential for growth.

7. Are you going to continue with the system of five defenders during next season? Hopefully yes. If so, are you going to count with Piscu and Fabricio in the first squad? Are you going to recover Rodri and Aythami?
A: Next season, I am thinking of using the two systems, the one with three central defenders and the other with a line of four. My idea is that Piscu will have a spot in the first team, Fabricio will depend on the category in which Depor B is going to play. About Rodri and Aythami, I will wait for a a report from the coaches related to their performance during this season.

8. If a good offer comes for Coloccini, surely he will be sold. Would you be upset for losing him during the coming year?
A: As a coach, I would be upset to lose Coloccini, because I think he's one of the best central defenders in Europe. If he has an offer from a big European team, I would be upset, but I will be happy too, because he deserves that as a person and as a footballer.

9- May Adri??n L??pez be the striker for the future of Depor? or does he needs time in order to explode?
A: I am convinced that Adrian is going to be a very important striker, both at Depor and at the Spanish football. What I don't know is the time that he will be need in order to fulfil that. Hopefully, it will be as short as possible.

10- Do you believe the team will need a striker for the next season? or do we have enough with Xisco and the others?
A: Xisco's progression has been very important and gives us vital breathing space, but our obligation is to look at what opportunities we can find in the market.

11. Favourite song?
A: It is "Maitechu", Mocedades and Placido Domingo.

12- Do you think that Valer??n can return to play football as he did before?
A: I am convinced that Valer??n can return to play and display his previous level, what happens is that Valer??n, in A Coru?a, has been surrounded by great players and that has also helped him in order to be bigger.

13- I would like to know what really happened with Lafita, he has take a leap in quality, one day he said that there was something between you and him, something that was a secret, that you helped him.
A: Lafita was a player with tremendous conditions, which showed in trainings but not in the games. We managed to see him playing as he trains. Obviously, it's a mental work, basically.

14- I wonder how you came to that conclusion, that with three central defenders the team was going to resurrect.
A: I had always played with three central defenders, both in Osasuna and Numancia, usually. Also sporadically at Celta and Espanyol. It's a system that I dominate very well, both in offensive and defensive aspects. I always had good results with it.

15- Now that the team is practically saved, and that we can already start thinking about next season, what positions are considered as essential in order to reinforce the squad for the next year?
A: Yes, if it was it for me, I will keep the same squad, we will need a few players but with quality. One for each line, wherever he's good, it would be enough.

16- Do you believe that success, apart from the technical staff and players, has been located in the patience that the president has always shown?
A: I have never denied that with another president, certainly, I would have been fired on the week of Almeria. My luck was to have a president who relied on the technical staff and that wasn't affected by the discouragement in the environment.

17. An easy one: Beatles or Rolling?
A: Beatles.

18- Will be possible to see next year a team with five or six players from Fabril in Primera Divisi??n and with guarantees of success?
A: When we finish the season, I will talk with the other managers, both the coach of Fabril and the co-ordinator of the youth leagues, and we will promote the players who have done a better job. Then, inside the squad, they will have to prove, as it has been done by Piscu on this year, who is able to play in Primera Division.

19- If Lendoiro doesn't signs anyone. Will you stay at Depor?
A: Lendoiro knows the team needs to be reinforced, this in order to be more competitive and to increase the hope between the fans. Surely we will sign people. Nevertheless, I like the squad and I will stay.

20- What players surprised you positively in the squad?
A: I was surprised the most with Filipe. Then, other players such as De Guzman, Xisco, Lafita.

21- Omar Bravo would be free to sign for Depor during next summer, is a good striker and at a zero-cost. Are you planning to sign this player?
A: This is a player we know and we have quite a few reports on the club. I have no information that the cost of this player is zero, but obviously, we will have to contemplate him.

22- Don't you think that for the next season, we need a player for the centre of the pitch in order to be the director of the game?
A: This is one of the possibilities we are considering.

23- By the way, do you know Vargas, the Peruvian left-back at Catania? He's young and is doing a great season, don't you think it could be a very interesting option to strengthen the left sector (which in my opinion should be strengthened because we only have Filipe)?
A: Yes, we know Vargas. Our idea is to bring a player for that position, therefore Filipe will not be alone, but we still haven't decided which player is going to be.

24- I wonder whether in your planning for the next season, will you keep the current goalkeepers or if you intend to change any of them
A: Now, we are constantly making all our programming but without going into names. At the end of the season is the time to make such decisions.

25- Do you think it is desirable that Barragan could be loaned during next season to a Segunda club, like Eibar as example?
A: There are many players to whom a loan to a Segunda club will end to be a phenomenal thing. Because, apart from playing more regularly, they grow as a players. I always give the example of Tamudo and Silva, they played loaned for two seasons in Segunda and now they are a reference to Spanish football.

26- What will you do if we go down to Segunda?
A: Kill myself.

27- Any prediction for Sunday?
A: Well, a 2-3.

28- What have you thought for the coming year about the right-back position, knowing that Manuel Pablo is reaching an age in which he may not endure all season. Will you try to retain Laure?
A: Yes, the idea is that Laure will be in the first team during the next year. Although Manuel Pablo still has a long way to run.

29 - What will happen on the wings once Wilhelmsson leaves , because I remember that he came without a buyout option. Will you return to the scheme used at the beginning of this season?
A: We will try to keep Wilhelmsson and Lafita. Anyway, if one does not stay, we will bring players with these characteristics: fast and offensive.

30 - From the squad, who is the most 'funny' player? Who is the one that works harder?
A: The funny guy is Manuel Pablo. Who works harder ... Coloccini, Riki, Barragan ...

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