19 Dec 2005
Javier Arizmendi arrived this week to reinforce Deportivo’s strike zone. He's hoping to take advantage of this opportunity since he couldn't succeed at his previous clubs Atl?©tico and Racing Santander. The Madrilian forward also explained why he chose Deportivo.

Q: How are you after the signing of the contract?
A: Happy, because this was my desire and I'm very satisfied. Now I hope to make a quick adaptation in order to help my teammates and the squad. I want to respond to the people who are betting on me.

Q: You have partners here like Juanma who are saying good things about you...
A: I'm glad to hear that. Let's hope that their expectations will be fulfilled and I hope to demonstrate my skills here.

Q: There's a special clause in your contract that allows for a possible return to Atl?©tico Madrid. Are you worried about that?
A: Right now I'm only thinking about Deportivo. If that happens in the future... well, it isn't something that bothers me right now.

Q: What did Caparr??s tell you?
A: That I must start to train with a lot of will and illusion. He's a very kind man who transmits his confidence to the people.

Q: During the presentation you said that the exit from Atl?©tico was due to your being stuck on the bench. Are you upset with them?
A: It's clear that nobody wants to be a substitute, and at the end of the day I will not pass up the opportunity to play with the elite. In that sense I am not a person who will be satisfied with small things. I thought that this change would be a good opportunity for me, so I don't feel any resentment toward anybody.

Q: Why did you choose Deportivo?
A: For the opportunity to be part of a club that's been fighting for important things during the last few years. I'm conscientious that this is the opportunity of a lifetime and I don't want to miss out on it.

Q: And how will you face this opportunity after the period of failure in Racing Santander?
A: I want to take advantage of it and convert myself into an elite player.

Q: Please put an end to this debate: Are you a forward or a second striker?
A: I can manage both positions, but I think that I'm the typical striker who’s alone in the area, static. I also like to help in the wings and contribute to the midfield.

Q: What do you think about this Deportivo?
A: I’ve been following the team for some seasons now, and I think that this year things are changing a lot. For now I want to concentrate my efforts on improving as a football player. I don't want to be obsessed with scoring goals, because it will create a lot of trouble for me.

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