23 Apr 2008
Manuel Pablo is doubtful for the game against Barcelona due to a problem in his right knee, but the Canarian right-back said to newspaper <i>La Opini�n A Coru�a</i> that he will be fine for the game, while he also analysed the options of Deportivo in order to reach the UEFA cup.

Q: Lotina said that you are doubtful for Saturday's game.
A: Yes, since the past week. It was during a tough play in the training, there are movements in which I fell some pain. It's the region near to the abductor.

Q: Will you be able to play on Saturday?
A: Yes, I hope so, because I feel pain during some movements, while in others don't. It hasn't affected me during normal runs. Nothing is broken and with warming exercises, I hope it will be healed before the weekend.

Q: Laure and Barrag�n are injured, you are doubtful. A lot of problems at the right-back position...
A: Both of them have had bad luck since they suffered serious injuries, but they are young and they still have time. It's a complicate situation, but I hope to be able to play on Saturday and to not have more problems.

Q: There isn't a back-up for you, is this an extra-responsibility in order to be recuperated?
A: It's a responsibility because I want to be prepared, not because I'm forced to it. I want to play and I will try to be prepared at any cost.

Q: Besides, you are facing Barcelona.
A: Yes, it's an important game, not only for the rival we are facing, but for our own situation, we are fine and we need to be ambitious. Barcelona is a great rival and it can make us bigger in this second round.

Q: Europe is the goal.
A: Seeing how we have faced the second round and the situation we are living after all the suffering, we must be ambitious. We are in a position to be hopeful, and it's going to be tough, because there are a lot of teams fighting, but the squad is wilful and full of confidence, and specially, we want to reach Europe.

Q:  Is a madness to be thinking about a direct ticket to the UEFA cup?
A: Well, it's close. I don't know if we will be able to keep this positive streak, but I think we should try and let's hope we will do it. A few weeks ago, nobody was talking about this, but a lot of things have changed. The teams at the top are failing and for that reason we are more close to them. Why not to try it?

Q: The rival -Barcelona- is more thinking of the Champions League than of la liga.
A: Let's hope so. But it still complicated. They play well although they are playing without confidence and we must take advantage of the fact they are only betting in one competition.

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