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04 May 2008
Everybody admitted that Zaragoza deserved the victory, it's just that nobody was expecting to lose at the last minute. That's the conclusion after reviewing the players' comments. Lotina was affirming that his team suffered because it missed fluidity while captain Manuel Pablo believes the players need more attitude during the games.

Coach Miguel ?ngel Lotina admitted that his team didn't deserve a better luck and also emphasised that his team failed with the movement of the ball "We had problems with the fluidity, and the true is that we didn't enjoy of the occasions in order to win the game. We lost the ball in so many opportunities, we weren't fine and it's also true they were playing for a lot and it wasn't easy, because there was a lot of tension in the air. We didn't feel comfortable playing with the ball and sometimes we missed depth."

The Basque coach also justified the substitutions he made during the second half "We tried to give some freshness with the changes, because they neither were seeing the things with clarity, we even scared them during the last fifteen or ten minutes. They put Luccin on the pitch, because they saw we were able to create something, the problem is that we missed clarity." He neither wanted to blame anybody for the goal allowed at the last minute "We can't blame anybody, it's a legal goal, they won and it's time to think of the next game."

Finally, Lotina said that his main target continues to be a European place for next season, and that a draw in this game wouldn't change the situation "We still dreaming of Europe. We don't like the defeat, but it's true that our positive streak was not normal. I'm sad not because we lost, but for the way in which we were defeated. With the draw, the expression in my face wouldn't changed."

The players blamed themselves for the defeat, the hardest criticism came from captain Manuel Pablo "We are missing more attitude. Maybe the veterans are the guilty ones for not been pushing the younger players. We have showed this team has a limit, because what we saw at Pamplona was a miracle. It was clear that we could lose if that situation was happening again. Zaragoza was very superior." The Canarian ended with a message for the fans that still dreaming with the UEFA cup "Europe? we must assume that our target was the permanence and we already achieved that."

Midfielder Juan Rodr?­guez was upset for the way in which Depor leaked the goal of Zaragoza "Maybe they deserved more because they had more occasions than us, and also because we didn't make a good game, but I prefer to allow a goal in other way, not like this... at the end of the game, and without time to try something."

Central defender Albert Lopo also admitted the rival deserved the victory "They were pressing us very hard, it was clear they were fighting for their life. We must be realistic and see how the game evolved. The team wasn't fine, we tried to hold on the clean sheet and what happened in the last play, could happened before."

Left-back Filipe Luis also admitted that Deportivo didn't deserved anything in this game "We didn't deserve to win, they were superior and we must recognise that. The shame is that the goal was allowed at the last minute. Now we must look forward to the next game. As soon as we add more points, we will be closer to Europe."

Cristian Hidalgo, who entered during the second half, was feeling sorry for the way in which the defeat arrived, but he also recognised the merits of Los Ma?±os "They had more occasions, that's the truth, although we had the chance to score a goal before. It upset us because the goal came in the last minute. We were hoping to attack during the counterattacks, but it wasn't like that."

President Augusto C?©sar Lendoiro, who couldn't believe what happened in the last minute of the match, was just hoping for the end of the season " In this case, Zaragoza was the better side, the result is fair. We had our occasions. We must now think in enjoying the moment and God will say where we will end the season."

In the other side, the suffering was exchanged for happiness In just sixty seconds. Zaragoza's coach, Manolo Villanova, was euphoric and affirmed that his team is near to achieve the permanence "This team is going up and I'm sure we will save ourselves. In la liga, of the seven last matches, we have added two draws away from home and two victories at La Romareda. Thank God we were able to add this three important points."

The hero who scored the goal, Roberto Ayala, left the pitch crying and affirming that the victory was possible thanks to the support of the fans "The congratulations are for the whole people, they are the ones that pushed us and who gave us the strength to fight for the triumph until the end. We created a lot of chances, but at the end justice prevailed. It was me who scored the goal, but all of us, together, were the ones that pushed the ball in. I hope this will end in the right way, because we must continue believing in this team."

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