25 Dec 2005
Arizmendi is Deportivo’s newest incorporation since a couple of days. The 21-year-old Madrilian striker hopes to play more minutes at Deportivo. He's eager to start with his new team mates and to compete with Trist??n for the striker position. The talented player talks about his signing and former club, Atl?tico.

Q: You have been third or fourth striker at Atl?tico and now this signing for Deportivo. How does this change feel?
A: I feel the pressure of being someone more important and that gives me moral. I have more responsibility, but it doesn’t affect me in a negative way. I’m a football player, something I dreamed of since I was very little.

Q: In A Coru?a people are used to Trist??n and Makaay, and some fans asked for a signing with a bigger name. What do you ask?
A: I will work hard, but everybody deserves an opportunity and so do I. The philosophy of the team and of the signings has changed and this has influenced my arrival at Deportivo.

Q: You have been an international for all Spanish youth teams. Can you explain why it’s so hard to find your place within the elite of Spanish soccer?
A: Most attention has always been given to the foreigners. For the Spanish players the only thing left is to work hard and demonstrate we can be as good as them. Nevertheless, the clubs are slowly changing their philosophy.

Q: Are you worried to compete with Trist??n?
A: No, that can never be bad. Nevertheless, I’m not easy and want to play all the time. Diego is a great player and I know I will learn a lot of him. I also have to say that we can play together, because for me no player is incompatible with another.

Q: How come Deportivo convinced you that easily?
A: It’s logical it went like this. Since little, for me Deportivo has been a big club and I didn’t hesitate. I’ve experienced the periods of Bebeto and Mauro and later on the elimination of Milan. This club lived in a dream and many of us with them, because it generated an enormous sympathy and illusion.

Q: Another person of that impressive Deportivo is Lendoiro. What’s up with your new president?
A: He looked like a very direct person and especially an enthusiastic lover of soccer. He likes to talk about the past and he started to tell me about Depor’s history.

Q: Was your transfer to Depor in danger after Kezman’s injury?
A: It worried me a lot. I could see Bianchi was hesitating, knowing his opinion was fundamental. Finally I convinced Miguel ?ngel Gil, Toni Mu?oz, and the others. My impression was that the transfer hadn’t been in danger, but I knew this was a big opportunity and I couldn’t let it go. 

Q: You seem very grateful..
A: Yes, Im very happy with Miguel ?ngel and Toni. Nowadays it’s hard to see this in the world of soccer, but they understood that persons go first and then the football players. They didn’t stop me.

Q: What can you say about Bianchi?
A: He’s an experienced coach and his style isn’t bad, although for now it doesn’t work. He’s a cold and distant person, but that’s his way of working. I could have used some conversations with him about my situation and his trust in me.

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