15 May 2008
Joan Capdevila is returning to La Coru?a and he's doing it with grace and humility after the seven years he lived at Deportivo. The Catalan is also living one the best moments in his career: Villarreal has achieved the second place in la liga and Capdevila will probably play the EURO 2008. The left-back talked with newspapers La Opini??n and La Voz de Galicia about his comeback to the Riazor.

Q: Will you enjoy on the pitch?
A: I believe it will a party for everybody. In another situation, it would be the hardest match of my life, but on Sunday it will be nice for both of us. If Depor would be needing the points to avoid relegation, perhaps the better thing would be to not play. If things were dramatic, I wouldn't like to face my former team. Imagine that I score a decisive goal and Depor goes down. I wouldn't like that. I don’t know what could happen and I hope I will never play a match like that. It will be hard, that's for sure, even if I don't play. Imagine if I score. Uy! No, no! Better to play as it will happen on Sunday, a party for everybody.

Q: How do you feel for been playing at the Riazor with a different shirt?
A: I guess that’s a little weird. After seven years of playing there, it will be strange to do it as the visitor, although at the same time, it will be nice to be stepping on that grass. I would like to play for a while in order to relive the times I spent in A Coru?a. I am sure many things will go through my head. I just played a few times as a visitor. Maybe I will commit a mistake and I will go to the wrong dressing room. Who knows if I go for one side to the other (he laughs). Surely I am going to remember many things, and all of them are good.

Q: For example?
A: A little bit of everything. The special games, some plays, the goals. I will also remember the fans, the people that supported me for so many years, even in difficult moments, the friends I have left and the players I met at Deportivo. It will be strange to face my former team mates. A lot of memories at the same time. Those seven years went really fast and that means I was very happy in A Coru?a.

Q: Neither you can complain about how things are going for you at Villarreal.
A: Of course. In a personal level, I've played almost everything, I participated in the UEFA and with the national team I have played almost in all the matches. It was a very complete year, and above all, the second place in liga. We celebrated the achievement as if it was it a title. People are thrilled.

Q: In A Coru?a, by contrast, it's more difficult  to celebrate the achievements, don't you think?
A: It's possible, although it only took a year at Villarreal. It was the best position in its history and it's logical that people is celebrating. In A Coru?a, when we finished second or third, it wasn't a big celebration, but I understand that at Villarreal, since it's the first time, happiness is overflowing. It's an historic event, for the club and also for the fans.

Q: After so much partying, how will Villarreal face the encounter at the Riazor?
A: For us it's a mere formality, but we can't forget the match because we play for our prestige. We don't need a result, because everything is done, but we can't go out and do nothing. I don't know what will happen, but we've to do a good job and give a good impression. It's true that we haven't prepared this match like any other, but in all the stadiums we always go out in order to win.

Q: Depor only needs a point in order to go to the Intertoto.
A: Hopefully they will play the competition, because this is what I want, although it won't be a drama to miss the qualification. Worse would be to be playing for the permanence in the final game. Then it would be a dramatic situation.

Q: Were you fearing for the continuity of your former team?
A: I expected a reaction, but not so spectacular. The change regarding the first round has been tremendous. Frankly, I didn't believe the improvement would be as big as it has been, but I love it. It has made a second round of Champions League and it has its merit. I am pleased the salvation has been achieved much earlier than expected. If the team ends in Intertoto and finally goes to the UEFA, I think it would be something historic for Deportivo, especially after all the bad things lived on this year. Anyway, although the Intertoto
is not secured yet, I think they have done a great season.

Q: Some time ago, it was thought this game could mean to fight for the permanence.
A: Thank God it won't be like that. With Depor already saved, I won' have to cause a penalty or score an own goal (he laughs). The true is, it would be uncomfortable for me.

Q: And you can screw the things to Caparr??s's Athletic.
A: I don't want to screw anybody. He was my coach like many others. Irureta as example, I won't be mad just because he wasn't putting me in the matches. If I score, I won't dedicate the goal to him, as example. It's necessary to be adapted to the newest situations. Besides, If Athletic loses, the problem is over.

Q: With 30 years and close to play the EURO, are you still missing something in your career?
A: I don't know how many years will I keep playing, but it's true that I'm still enjoying every day. Neither I can think so much further. Now you're well and maybe next year you can be injured or wrong. I have always enjoyed, every day without thinking about what might happen. This year has been spectacular for me. Let's see if I'm going to the EURO. I think it should be like that, because I have won it.

Q: Aragon?s already left you without a World Cup two years ago
A: That's in the past.

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