26 Dec 2005
Caparr??s is happy in La Coru?±a and also with the things achieved in the last six months. He said in a interview made by newspaper <i>AS</i> that his wish for the year 2006 is to have his players in perfect conditions and without the shadow of the injuries. The Sevillan coach also believes that the squad must be optimistic in order to face the new year's challenges.

Q: What's the message of the coach for the fans in the year of the resurrection, and also taking in mind that the Centenario's start is only a few days away?
A: I will like to congratulate all the fans of Deportivo in this holiday's season and I hope that they will live a nice celebration, I also hope that we will have a full year of happiness. To reach our objectives should be our concern, but before to that to be healthy and live with peace.

Q: You arrived only a few months ago, but can you tell us what was the best thing that you lived in Depor during 2005?
A: It's was a year in which we were very happy, nothing more. It will be a mistake to talk of the future. We want to work, to contribute to the club and the fans. With the effort of all the people we have to achieve positive things in this new year.

Q: And now that we're talking of the year 2006, what's your expectation?
A: I hope that my players will not live any negative experience, I hope that they will not suffer any serious injury. The worst thing that could occur to any player is to suffer an injury. If we are all together and working I will be happy. I only ask for that.

Q: It's a theme of conversation on this days, you arrived alive to Christmas at the command of Depor...
A: The contracts are there, but the renovation is a fact that you earn day by day. It's not worthy to think about something else. The daily work is what gives me the credibility. This year thanks to God I will have my Christmas dinner here and I hope that there will be more to come.

Q: The last defeat was a stopping point, but on December the team demonstrated that they will be fighting at the top places of the table, do you see it too?
A: Yes, but the competition is so equal that you can end it in the third position or at the same time in the ninth place . It depends of the rally of results since there are only three or four points of difference between the clubs. Despite of our last defeat the squad is in the right way. We don't need to change the things, because the squad is united. There's also a group of fans that's supporting us until death and nothing can affect or distract us. If we continue in the same way the squad will achive important things, we have to be optimistic about the things that can happen in the near future.

Q: The only sorrow right now is the defeat against Espanyol. How did you men faced the result?
A: We begun the vacation's period  with a lot of anger, that's truth. The game is in the past and we could see now the perspective of it. But I think that we can't judge it with coolness since it happened on the last week. It was a big upset to us, but we have to surpass it and try to continue on our way.

Q: Anything else in your head about this game?
A: Yes, I think that we should had more patience after the red card. We should took advantage of the empty spaces. Now we must concentrate our efforts in the near future.

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