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20 May 2008
Several reports still linking Mexican striker Omar Bravo with Deportivo, but the same player has said in the last hours that he hasn't taken any decision about his near future. He has admitted the negotiations with Deportivo, but at the same time, Bravo leaves a open door to stay playing at Chivas de Guadalajara.

The signing of Omar Bravo with Deportivo still considered as something already done in the Mexican media, but the player himself has confirmed that he hasn't decided yet what he will do in the near future. The striker talked with reporters and admitted contacts with Deportivo, but he refused that any contract has been signed "No. We have talked with Deportivo, but the same thing occurs with other clubs. My agent is the one negotiating, nothing more. N?Šstor de la Torre -Chivas's sporting director- knows about it, also about the talks with Racing (Santander) and with any other club that has been mentioned in the papers."

And its that Omar Bravo leaves an open door to a possible new contract with Chivas "People still saying the same thing, but the true is that there isn't anything about it, until N?Šstor de la Torre and the other officials arrive (to Guadalajara). I have a contract signed until July 30 and I will return normally to train with the squad. Like we talked previously, I will negotiate with them in July as things are settled right now."

About the fact reported by the papers appointing that Bravo said good bye to his team mates after Chivas was eliminated on the past weekend from Torneo Clausura 2008, the striker said: "We don't know what can happen in the future, I don't know if I'm going to play with Guadalajara or if I'm going to play in a foreign league, it was just in case, I only tried to say good bye, nothing more."

Finally, Bravo said he will love to play in Europe, but that his priority is to continue at Chivas "I feel fine, with a lot of confidence, I'm well physically, I haven't suffered any injury. If I have the chance to go out, I will do it with pleasure. It's normal to see me searching for my destiny, my future. But I always gave the priority to Guadalajara, and if I have the chance, I will continue on here."

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