21 May 2008
Striker Sebasti??n Taborda had a frankly conversation with newspaper <i>La Opini??n A Coru?a</i>. It seems the Uruguayan is on the list of discards for the next season, but he said to be calmed about his future and that he sees himself at Depor for the new campaign.

Q: Lotina said he wants three forwards for next season: Xisco, Omar Bravo and another signing. Where does that leave you?
A: While he doesn't says anything to me about it, I am very quiet. So far we have spoken very clear, there has been a good dialogue. I suppose that here, we are all good people, and if at any moment they will not count with me, he would tell me.

Q: Haven't you spoken lately?
A: No. The last thing I spoke with him was a while ago and everything was fine. We’ve always talked and things have been clear, I hope that now it will be in the same way: with things very clear. If there's something they need to tell me, they should do it now.

Q: Are you requesting that it should be sooner rather than later?
A: It's logical. It's true there's enough time to make a move during the vacations, the sooner, the better.

Q: Honestly, How do you see your future?
A: I see it well, I'm very calm. A lot of things must happen to see me leaving and reaching an agreement. First, of course, it depends on me, the desires that I could have, the offers that I could receive, and then also to settle several issues that are pending with the club.

Q: You are talking about economic issues, obviously.
A: Of course. These are economic issues.

Q: That means that your departure will not be so easy.
A: No, because here, we all defend what's ours, we all know what's the best for us. Here, nobody is a fool. We know what we want and we handle certain issues. Here, nobody gives us anything for free either.

Q: It means that if you don't find any interesting offer, the intention is to stay at Depor.
A: Yes, certainly. That will be the case. I have to be convinced about the move and I have to like the idea. If not, I will not sit to talk about those things.

Q: Are you conscious that your condition of foreign player it's an harmful thing?
A: Yes, that's logical. Having a limit of only three players from the outside, it complicates the things a bit. I was doing all the paperwork to get the citizenship and I am waiting for news, I'm just hoping they will call me.

Q: Are you bothered to be entering in all the pools in order to be discarded for next season?
A: It doesn't bother me. If you notice the things, it always happens and I am still here, so I am careless. I know what's really beyond what some people might say. I know how things are and that's why I'm very calm.

Q: What do you mean by that?
A: That for my side and the one of the club, I have things very clear, so what others may say leaves me careless. As I said it before, a lot has been said about me, and I am still here.

Q: What conclusions are you obtaining from this season?
A: That logically, we all want to play and have minutes, and this fact, sometimes, makes you rethink many things, but it's also true that sometimes, things don't go as you want. It's necessary to be realistic about how things are today, and you always want to find what is the best for you, but we aren't stupid, so obviously, I am not going out at any price.

Q: And about football? You shouldn't be so satisfied.
A: No, obviously I missed more minutes, when it seemed that I would had more chances judging to what happened at the beginning of the season. There was a time when I took a bad decision, it was about not wanting to take an advantage, to play as I played the game against Recreativo. After doing a good match in Valladolid, I played against Recre with discomfort, and at the end it was worse. I had to stop ten days for a muscular rupture. For that game, I think that somehow, I lost, a little,  the confidence of the coach and I started  to be sidelined. These are the things in football, sometimes you gamble and things don't end to be as you wanted. I had to wait for my recovery and I acted differently.

Q: Anything to criticise the coach?
A: I can’t reclaim anything to the coach. Things have always been clear with him, there are a lot of players at the squad and all of we can't play. The coach tries to do the best for the team, although everybody likes to play. We must be quiet.

Q: If you have to go out, would you return to your country or would you like to stay in Europe?
A: The true, frankly, I haven't thought about it. First, I wanted to finish this season and now, with calmly, start to rethink things and see what we have, what's best for me, if I should stay here or go elsewhere. Now I'm calm, not like in the weeks when I wasn’t playing, maybe you aren't happy at that moment, you aren’t thinking and the decisions aren't the best and you are pushed by impulses that aren't appropriate.

Q: Are you discouraged?
A: It's logical. I believe that if you ask all of us, except those who normally played, we had our good and bad days. Now, in cold, we must think what's best.

Q: It would be a pity to leave right now the team can get into Europe.
A: Yes, it's true. Also you put that in balance. It's true that if we have the chance to play in Europe, the options will be bigger, because we would play three competitions. Everybody knows this, you put this in balance and at the moment of been taking the decisions, you will think about that.

Q: In your personal balance, would you like to remain in the squad no matter you would be the fourth or fifth striker?
A: Those signboards of being first, second or third striker when things haven't started, it doesn't have a place on here. If not, look what happened on the past pre-season. There was a fellow who supposedly was going to play and suddenly, perhaps he was the one that played less minutes. To talk about this is a no sense.

Q: It seems that you get bothered by these labels.
A: Yes. Football gives you many experiences over the years. People are not here in the inside. They don't really know what we have. They think they know when things are different. This is part of football folklore: they like you better or worse and things will always be like that. I don't guide myself by any of those things.

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