28 Dec 2005
Pedro Munitis is one of the most important players in Caparr??s’ squad. The Cantabrian winger views the future optimistically, and wants to believe in Depor’s chances of ending the campaign in a top spot. Munitis also talked about his future and his possible participation in Germany 2006.

Q: You can't ask more from the year 2005...
A: Yes, the truth is that this year has been very good for me. The last season ended really well for me, as a did the beginning of the present campaign... I don't have any complaints about it.  It’s not possible to ask for more.

Q: Was this year the one of your confirmation at Deportivo?
A: I don't like these kinds of things. Each year is different, the circumstances are different and we can't compare one year with another.

Q: Things in football seem to change every three days...
A: I would say in less time. It's very fast and it's one of the better things that this game has to offer.  You can be totally sunk and any circumstance could change your destiny immediately.

Q: You are now one of Caparr??s' vital players. Is this what you were hoping for when you left Real Madrid?
A: Yes. I always liked the idea of being responsible in each team that I have played in.  I fell into place here and I'm happy about it. I'm trying to do everything possible to put Depor in the top places again.

Q: But you also experienced some tough moments with Deportivo.
A: That always happens and I'm sure that these moments will come again. It's a normal thing in life.

Q: This year was also the end of Irureta's era. What can you tell us about the transition period?
A: Until now things are pretty good. I believe that Irureta did a good job, it was possible to achieve important goals like Champions League participation and now it's time to begin a new era. We have to be hopeful and optimistic.

Q: Do you think that Caparr??s’ renewal is a guarantee for the future of the squad?
A: No. In football there are no guarantees. Everything changes. I will try to keep working to maintain the confidence of the coach, but the club's future comes before the players’ situation or even the trainer's contract. It’s also true that the renovation has given stability and serenity, two things that help have a much better situation for everyone.

Q: Is this team ready to enter the Champions League?
A: Only time will tell. I don't like to talk about things that could happen since I am not a psychic who can talk about the future. Now we're talking about the Champions League, and at the beginning of the season nobody was betting on us... in three weeks maybe they will say that we aren't able to be at the top places of the table.

Q: So, we can't talk about titles either...
A: We will try for it. If something has been demonstrated we like to fight in every game. If we work this way dreams are possible, so we will dream about titles and achieving great things.

Q: Were you upset when some people said at the beginning of the season that simply staying in the first division should be an objective of this squad?
A: After what we experienced during the last season it was a normal thing to say, but that never affected us. We must trust in our work. It's assured that we will have bad moments in the future since this is a complicated and long tournament, but we have to believe in Deportivo and we have to expect that the squad will be at the top places at the end of the competition.

Q: What's clear is that Munitis will be here in La Coru?±a for a long time...
A: Maybe. I have this season and five more in my contract.

Q: Is this the last club of your career?
A: These things change so fast... my desire right now is to continue at Deportivo, see through my contract and fulfill our objectives.  That's my hope, but who knows what could happen.

Q: Your dream of participating in the World Cup seemed to be fading, but Aragon?©s gave you a glimmer of hope when he included you in his list of 33 men two weeks ago.
A: Yes, I like to remember that experience. It was a pleasant moment when I saw people who I hadn’t seen for a long time. I never talked to Aragon?©s before and everything that happened on that day was very nice. I realize that there are 33 players on the list and I know that my participation in the World Cup is uncertain, but I will fight for a place, that's for sure.

Q: Did you realize that you could have less vacation time the next summer?
A: I would love that. It would be a dream come true. There’s nothing better for a football player than participating in a World Cup. I played once in a European Championship and I had a very good experience then.

Q. What's your desire for the new year?
A: I want to congratulate everyone and I hope that people will enjoy these holidays with their family. For the year 2006 I'm hoping to be healthy, that’s the most important thing.

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