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23 May 2008
Coach Lotina confessed that Deportivo tried to sign Omar Bravo in the winter window, but the operation was blocked at that time because Chivas was asking too much for him. He also compared the striker with Ra??l Tamudo. Meanwhile, the Mexican player and his agent expressed their satisfaction for the operation.

Miguel ?ngel Lotina celebrated the signing of Omar Bravo, the Basque coach analysed with reporters the skills of Depor's new acquisition and even compared him with Espanyol's Ra??l Tamudo "He's very smart, he knows what to do in the area and possess goal. In a football level, he's a player of the same type than Tamudo."

Later, the Me?aka-born trainer continued with his analysis "He's a man that lives on the area, He's lethal in the last meters and specially, he possess a good ability to shot with his right foot. Besides, he offers a lot of defensive work and is an honoured player on the pitch. He will contribute a lot with his depth on the pitch and I hope that also with his goals. For his characteristics, he's very important playing inside the box. I have good references from people that has worked with him, at a competitive level and also as a person."

Lotina also confessed during a interview with ESPN that Deportivo already tried to sign Omar Bravo during the last winter window, but that the possibility was discarded because Chivas Guadalajara was asking too much for him (€4 million), and also that he and Depor's authorities were aware the striker was ending contract six months later, reason why they decided to wait.

Meanwhile, Omar Bravo said good bye to Chivas's fans during a press conference that took place during Thursday's night. The Mexican attacker affirmed his signing for Depor means the bigger task in his career "This is the best challenge I'm facing in my career as a professional player. I hope to be able to fulfil all the expectations at Deportivo, to be able to give them joy and that everything will be fine."

It was know during the day that Chivas Guadalajara was offering a new contract to Bravo, deal that was for $8 million (€5.06 million) and four more years. But Bravo refused the proposition although he was losing money accepting Depor's proposal. Bravo commented about this situation "Obviously, I'm making a sacrifice in the economic aspect, but it's logical. I want to fulfil my dream." He also defined himself as a second striker "I am not a central attacker, I am more used to perform with another striker playing in front of me."

The Sinaloa-born attacker also admitted the presence of Guardado at Depor was a crucial thing for his arrival "I'm content because I will play with Guardado. I recognise that he has been very important for my signing since he has told me great things about La Coru?a. Besides, the language is a favourable thing and I think my adaptation will be fast, like the one of Andr?s."

Finally, Bravo confessed that he has learned about Depor's history in the Internet "I have surfed the web and I know the team and its history. We are talking about one of the greatest teams in the Spanish football and its achievements are something amazing. Besides, I have searched some information about the city and Andr?s has told me La Coru?a is a very pretty city. I will give everything for this historic shirt, I'm wishing to wear it and be noticed with my new team."

Rub?n P?rez, the agent of the striker, said to reporters that his representee is fulfilling a dream "Yesterday (Wednesday), Omar decided to fulfil his dream about been able to play in Europe. Things were always clear with Deportivo since the beginning, they already knew he didn't have a EU passport." P?rez also confirmed that Bravo signed a three-year contract with the Galician club "Omar signed, via fax, a contract for three seasons. Later we could negotiate a fourth year. The player is right now on vacations and is disconnected from the world. So, we will go to La Coru?a later."

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