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28 May 2008
Lassad Nouioui has been a pleasant surprise since his arrival in January. The French striker has played sixteen matches with Deportivo B and has scored nine goals. Now the 21-year-old striker targets the promotion of Fabril to Segunda, but first he believes that Depor B must face a â€?war’ at ?‰cija.

Q: Watching your last goal from the stands, it seemed easy.
A: It was not easy, but Iv??n (Carril) sent a good cross and I just put my head.

Q: Is the most important goal since your signing for Fabril?
A: I don’t know. The victory of the team is the most important thing. My head is already in the next game in ?‰cija.

Q: What is the coach asking you to do?
A: He asks me the same thing than to any striker: to score goals, but also to work defensively.

Q: More than what you were used in France?
A: Yes, at Fabril I work more in defence, but also the entire group and that is good.

Q: Why?
A: It's good because if I work hard, I can achieve my goal, which is to reach the first team.

Q: Have you seen many matches of Lotina's team?
A: Not many.

Q: Several of your colleagues made the jump this year. Do you see yourself there for next season?
A: - For now, I do not know anything. If the team goes up to Segunda, I am not the one who decides, it's the club. I like A Coru?±a a lot and I'm very comfortable on here.

Q: Did you know Spain before?
A:  Before to my arrival, I knew nothing of Spain, I was only for four or five days in Barcelona. I come from Marseilles, like Zidane, the master.

Q: Is he your idol?
A: No, no. Zidane is the master. As Pel?© or Maradona. He's a great player, but I am Muslim and my only idol is God.

Q: What do you think about ?‰cija?
A: A very good team, with two or three very good players, but they don't make good football. They play a lot with long balls. But the game at Ecija is not going to be one more game, but a war. We are playing for our life.

Q: Is so important?
A: It's vital because the whole year's work is focused on this. In addition, we have a unique opportunity because we won at home 1-0.

Q: So, it would be a failure to lose?
A: No, we should not play with pressure. If we lose, nothing happens. Football is like this, one day you win and in the other you lose. But if in ?‰cija we play like on Sunday, we will pass, that's for sure.

Q: Where is the key for a season so good like this one?
A: What I like about my team is the mentality of the group. We are a very young team and the coach is always talking to us and helping us to improve.

Q: What does your family say about seeing you scoring so much goals in Spain?
A: I have a brother and a sister and I'm the youngest. My brother came to see me a few weeks ago. Against Legan?©s, and then he came to Madrid to watch the game against Atl?©tico B.

Q: Well, he brought you some luck: two victories and you cut the streak of five defeats.
A: Luck does not exist. He also liked a lot the city. He only said that it rained a lot.

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