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28 May 2008
The current Deportivo is accomplishing a mark without precedents in the history of the club: eighteen straight years in Primera Divisi??n. Between the twenty clubs that played in la liga during the recently ended tournament, only Real Madrid, Barcelona, Athletic Bilbao and Valencia are presenting a better mark.

The past three seasons could be considered as 'grey' years for Deportivo. The squad hasn't surpassed the eighth position in the table and the years in which the squad was between the top four places seem to be over. But there's another reality that should be valorised, and its that Deportivo has been able to stay in Primera Divisi??n during the last eighteen years. Something without precedents in the centenary history of the club.

The last time Depor achieved the promotion from Segunda Divisi??n was on the season 1990/1991, since then, the Galician team has been able to compete in the highest category of one of the most prestigious leagues in Europe. And during those eighteen years, Depor only struggle to survive in two occasions. First on the season 1991/1992, the first season in Primera after the last promotion, the team suffered until the last day and it even needed a playoff against Betis in order to assure its continuity. And the second occasion was during the season that has just ended, Depor was 19th at the end of the first round and the ghosts of relegation were surrounding the club, but an spectacular comeback in the second round allowed the 'miracle' and even to clinch a spot for the Intertoto.

Now Deportivo is ready to play in Primera Divisi??n for the season 2008/2009, in other words, for the 19th straight occasion, something that only other four clubs can presume: Real Madrid, Barcelona, Athletic Bilbao and Valencia FC. The first three clubs have never faced a relegation while the Valencians have not played in Segunda Divis??n since twenty years ago (season 1987/1988).

Another interesting statistic is that Deportivo is near to surpass Celta in the historic classification in la liga. This table is built considering the all-time results of the clubs in Primera Divisi??n. Currently, Depor is 12th in the table with 1,518 points, that's just 29 points under Celta de Vigo who is 11th in the historic classification. This means that if Depor adds thirty points during the 2008/2009 campaign, the club will surpass Celta for the first time in the history.

The longevity of the Primera clubs:

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