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29 May 2008
?ngel Lafita talked with newspaper La Voz de Galicia about his current situation. The Aragonian winger is on vacations and analysed his possible future. President Lendoiro is currently negotiating with Zaragoza about the payment terms of his buyout clause, therefore Lafita trusts that his future will continue to be linked with Deportivo.

Q: Do you believe you have revalued yourself for this season?
A: I think it has helped me a lot. I think I have settled myself in Primera Division, which was my goal.

Q: Does it mean that from now own, you will only accept to play in the highest category?
A: Man, you never know. For me, it's what I want, but football gives many laps. This year has helped me to mature a lot. I've settled myself, I repeat, in Primera. I've learned a lot and above all, I knew how to take off the anxiety from me, something that was affecting me at the beginning of the season. I have learned how to play more relaxed.

Q: In which point of your career are you?
A: Well, I still have a long way to run. I finished my third season in Primera Divisi??n and I hope that many are still remaining. I learned from each experience.

Q: What are your priorities at the present time: to have minutes, a long contract, money ...?
A: Now I just thinking about playing. I came to Deportivo for that. I am young and I need minutes. What I want is to play with regularly and that's one of the circumstances why I decided to come to Deportivo, because I thought I was going to have more minutes than in Zaragoza. It was like that and I do not regret

Q: Would you be looking for another team in order to play more minutes?
A: There are circumstances that I can't handle. I already did my job. I finished my league and now begins the one of the agents and the clubs. Deportivo is the one who has to decide. Nothing more.

Q: Are you impatient waiting for solutions?
A: As I lived last year, because ... and worse than last year is impossible. The pre-season started and I still did not know where I was going to play. I am on vacations, quiet, disconnected from the world, which is what I need. Because I was really needing this. They will inform me later.

Q: Have you talked with some of the clubs?
A: No. Neither I like to get into the work of others. That's something for my agent.

Q: When would you like to know?
A: The sooner the better. I know how things work and knowing it soon seems impossible. But for a player it's important to know their destiny as soon as possible. It makes you enjoy the holidays a little more, you have less nerves by not knowing where you will play, and provides an idea of where you will perform during the pre-season ....

Q: Are you satisfied with your role in A Coru?±a during the season?
A: Yes. I am very happy at Deportivo. I have made a huge change comparing the start of season with the end, I have grown a lot and I hope to continue doing so.

Q: Do you contemplate the possibility the club will reinforce the position on the pitch where you play?
A: They told me the base of the team would remain the same, and I don't give importance to other signings. I trust a lot in myself and I don't think about other offers.

Q: In Zaragoza, they no longer count with you. To go back home doesn't seem as an option in the short term.
A: Nor depends on me. I have to accept any decision taken by others. There is a contract that I signed when I came to Deportivo.

Q: What can you tell me about the potential interest of Villarreal?
A: I don't talk about that, I do not want to comment ... [he said this laughing].

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