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29 May 2008
Two Premiership clubs are interested in Fabricio Coloccini. That's the information gave by his agent, Marcelo Lombilla. The interest of this two teams could be defined in the next week since the agent will have a meeting with those clubs. Meanwhile, Riki isn't happy with his current role at the squad and Iago will not continue at Elche.

The good season made by Fabricio Coloccini continues to awake the interest of several clubs. Sportpaper AS reported on Thursday that two Premiership clubs are thinking of the Argentinean central defender for the new season. The agent of the player, Marcelo Lombilla, talked with AS and assured the interest of this two clubs is serious "We are talking about two important teams that are willing to pay a reasonable amount. Their interest is serious, if not, I wouldn't be travelling to England."

According to Lombilla, this clubs could be presenting an offer during the next weeks. So far, Deportivo hasn't received any official proposal for Coloccini although his name has been linked with clubs like Newcastle United, Real Madrid, Barcelona FC and Valencia. It has been rumoured that president Lendoiro is asking between €12 and €16 million in order to allow his exit from Depor. A thing to have in mind is that Deportivo's budget indicates transfer incomes of €20 million for the present year, meaning a possible operation with Coloccini will almost cover the issue.

Meanwhile, Sportpaper Deporte Campe??n (DxT) wrote that Deportivo is already thinking of a possible substitute: Rub?n Pulido (29). According to this source, the Galician club asked to UD Almer?a about the situation of the ex-Getafe defender. Pulido joined Almer?a for the past season and he could be the substitute of Coloccini if the Argentinean leaves the club. According to DxT, Almer?a answered that his price is €2 million.

Other player that could search for an exit is Riki. The agent of the striker, Julio Prieto, said in Radio Galega the Madrilenian striker "must have a bigger role at Deportivo." and that if "he can't have that role at Depor, we will have to search for another way. The player can't be content with this situation, he wants to play the whole minutes, therefore we need to have a meeting and search for the best solution."  Prieto appoints that he will have a meeting with Lendoiro in order to know the plans for the new season and then to decide if the best thing for his representee is to search for an exit.

Finally, the future of Iago Iglesias (24) is uncertain. The Galician playmaker ends his contract with Deportivo in June of the present year and nobody from the club has contacted him in order to negotiate an extension. Iago played on loan during the season at Elche, but he was unlucky since he only performed for 12 games in Segunda due to two serious injuries. Elche had a buyout option over Iago, but the sporting director of the club, Jes??s de Huerta, already said they won't fulfil it.

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