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29 May 2008
Despite the previous rumours, the signing of Omar Bravo has been a surprise for everybody, because nobody thought president Lendoiro will make a move so early in the pre-season. Now the question is if the arrival of the Mexican striker will solve once an for all the drought of goals during recent years. RCDLC.com investigates.

The drought of goals at Deportivo is a problem already known by the fans. During the five years in which Depor achieved a ticket for the Champions League (1999-2004), the squad was able to add at least 60 goals per liga season, and the Galician team even reached the historic mark of 73 goals in favour during the 2000/2001 campaign.

And things changed during the last three seasons, because the problems up front have been more serious as the team was unable to add more than 47 goals per liga tournament. Precisely, Depor was only able to clinch two Intertoto participations during this period of time. Another characteristic of this 'dark' moment is that the 'topscorer' figure has vanished from the squad.

And its that within the last four years, only two players were able to score more than 10 goals in one single liga tournament: Albert Luque (season 2004/2005) and Diego Trist??n (2005/2006). Coach Lotina and Depor's president, Augusto C?©sar Lendoiro, are aware of the situation and that's why they have been trying to incorporate a 'killer' during the last year. They negotiated for Colombian Radamel Falcao in January, but the operation wasn't accepted by River Plate.

The 22 players that have scored at least 10 goals per liga season since the last promotion:

The scoring record at Depor since the last promotion:

In the end, they decided to postpone the incorporation of this �killer’ for the summer of 2008. And it only took a few days after the liga season 2007/2008 was over to sign a �topscorer’ from other league: Omar Bravo, a Mexican attacker that's the second best scorer in the history of Chivas de Guadalajara, one of the two top clubs in Mexico.

However, the record of Omar Bravo isn't so impressive if his numbers are analysed. The Sinaloa-born player scored 101 goals in 258 matches in the Mexican league, that's an average of 0.39 goals per game. Statistic that isn't too much different from the one presented by Xisco in the season that has just ended (0.36 goals per match or 9 goals in 25 liga games).  Perhaps that's why coach Lotina is asking for an additional striker no matter he already have seven in his squad.

The best year for Omar Bravo was 2003. At that time, the Mexican striker scored 17 goals between Torneo Apertura & Clausura (37 matches). It's very difficult to assume that Bravo will reach the same number during his first season in Spain, but it shouldn't be crazy idea to expect at least ten goals from him, mark that would be the best one within the previous three years and also a first step to end the drought of goals at Deportivo. But in this last case, it will be also necessary the contribution of the other strikers in the squad as Riki or the same Xisco.

As conclusion of this analysis, Omar Bravo shouldn’t be considered as the 'new Bebeto', neither the saviour of Deportivo. But what should be a fact is that his potential, combined with the one of the other strikers at the club, will be a key to reach once again a mark of at least sixty goals in the liga season, number that should open the doors to Europe. Time will tell is this really happens.

The numbers of Omar Bravo:

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