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09 Jun 2008
On Monday, the club started to talk with the youngsters that were part of Fabril for the season 2007/2008. The intention was to communicate Depor�s plans for the new season. Some of them won't continue and will search for another future like the case of Carlos Pita. Depor Sport published a resume of the moves. In the beginning, only seven players will continue.

Depor�s officials started on Monday the preparations for the Fabril's squad that will face the season 2008/2009. The club started to talk with each one of the players that took part of the previous campaign in order to communicate its plans. Depor Sport wrote a report about each case. As it was expected, only a few will continue. According to Depor�s paper, only seven youngsters will continue for the new season: defender Sergio Benito, midfielder Guille, striker Aridane, winger Iv�n P�rez, winger Iv�n Carril, winger Herbert and central defender Juanan, while the only confirmed promotion from Juvenil A will be central defender David Rochela.

Iv�n Carril is without doubt the surprise on this list, he will be 24 for the new season and it was expected he would released or loaned out since he can no longer alternate between the first and the second club (he needs to be a U-23 player for this). However, according to Depor Sport the winger will remain at Fabril since he still have one year in his contract.

Despite the confirmation made by Depor Sport, the situation of this youngsters could change if interesting offers arrive, that's the case of striker Aridane who has an offer in order to be loaned to another club . In the meantime, there are other five players that still have to negotiate with Deportivo since their contracts are ending in June 30: defender Chapi, left-back Juachi, midfielder Nacho Matador, winger Borja Facal and French striker Lassad Nouioui.

The case of Chapi is the most difficult one, the central defender wants to be a professional, but Lotina doesn't count with him for the first squad, therefore his only chance in order to continue linked with the club is to sign a new contract and to be loaned out for the season 2008/2009. About the other four players, Depor's officials want to sign a new contract with all of them, but it's necessary to negotiate with the players first, some of them have offers like the cases of Borja Facal and Juachi.

About the players that won't continue, nine youngsters will not play at Fabril for several reasons: goalkeepers Fabricio, Manu, right-back Laure, central defender Piscu, midfielder �lex Berganti�os, winger Jos� Arenas, left-back Roberto Casado, midfielder Carlos Pita and striker Rub�n Rivera. Of this list, the first five will continue at the club, but they just won't play with the B squad. Laure and Piscu will be promoted to the first team, while Fabricio, Manu and �lex will have a chance during the pre-season, but if they don't end in Lotina's first team, they will be loaned out.

Meanwhile Arenas, Casado, Pita and Rivera will have to search for another club. Carlos Pita was a key piece for Ramallo in recent seasons, and even was one of the two youngsters that debuted in the la liga during Irureta's era (the other one was Xisco). About Rub�n Rivera, he debuted in the first squad with Caparr�s two years ago and even scored a goal in copa del rey. This four youngsters won't continue due to their age (22 or older). Depor Sport also wrote the club is studying several signings in order to cover the departures.

So far, David Rochela is the only player that will be promoted from Juvenil A. Juan Dom�nguez, Hugo Garc�a and Marcos Caridad will continue at Deportivo C. Tito Ramallo will decide later if they will have a chance with the B squad. Finally, five Fabril's players have been called in order to make the pre-season with the first squad starting on July 2nd: Juanan, David Rochela, Adri�n L�pez 'Piscu', Laure and �lex Berganti�os.

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