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17 May 2008
Depor Sport presented a report on the past week about the average age of Deportivo during the last years. The report calculated this average in 24.6 years for the new season, three years less than the one had with Caparr�s three seasons ago. Also, Depor's paper claims Deportivo will be one of the youngest teams that will compete in Europe during the campaign 2008/2009.

The nickname of 'Baby Depor' continues to generate attention in A Coru�a. According to a report made by Depor Sport on the past week, the average age of Depor's squad has been decreasing since the arrival of Joaqu�n Caparr�s for the season 2005/2006. At the time, the Sevillan coach didn't give too many chances to the youngsters and the nickname was forgotten as the average age of the squad was 27.7 years.

But the true is that this average has been decreasing since then. For the season 2006/2007 it was reduced to 25.5 years and for the past campaign, the first one with Lotina, the average was lowered to 24.7, mainly for the appearance of 'rookies' like Adri�n L�pez 'Piscu' and Laure. Now, Depor Sport has calculated the new average for the season 2008/2009 based in the players that belongs to the first squad and also in the Fabril's youngsters that will make the pre-season stage with Lotina.

The resulting number is 24.6 years, just a tenth less compared to the average saw on the last season. It must be said that in order to calculate this number, Depor Sport excluded three 'discarded' strikers: Sebasti�n Taborda, Rodolfo Bodipo and Rub�n Castro, while only a few of the loaned players were included. More specifically, only Rodri and Aythami were considered in the calculation. The Fabril's youngsters that were including in the report are Piscu, Laure, Alex, Juanan, Rochela and Fabricio. All of them will make the pre-season stage with the first squad.

A second part in Depor Sport report emphasises that Lotina will have eighteen U-23 players in the pre-season, something without precedents in the history of the club. Of this list of eighteen youngsters, Depor's paper considers that eight already have secured a place in the first squad for the new season: Guardado, Lafita, Filipe Luis, Xisco, Antonio Tom�s, Piscu and Laure.

Finally, the report build up by Depor Sport calculated the average ages of some of the most important clubs that are already qualified for the next UEFA cup, only in five cases their average was inferior to the one presented by Deportivo: Ajax FC, Aston Villa, Paris Saint-Germain, Everton FC and Tottenham Hotspurs.

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