20 May 2008
Coach Miguel Angel Lotina had a conversation with <i>Depor Sport</i> during his trip to Austria in order to follow the UEFA EURO 2008. The Me�aka-born trainer talked about the preparations for the new season and also about the possible movements of Depor during the summer market.

Q: July 2nd is almost here, just around the corner.
A: Well yeah, I still have a couple of weekends in order to enjoy. But despite this, we can't say this vacations have helped me to rest because I am always doing things. A meeting on here, another there, the EURO... time goes fast and soon I will comeback, but I am already wishing to start all over again.

Q: On this pre-season, you will have to be alert since the beginning, is this going to be very different to the previous year?
A: To have an official game so early is something that makes different this pre-season from the one had on the past year, but it's also an advantage to face this exigency at the beginning, we'll start before and I believe that in order to face the start of the season, it will be a benefit to us.

Q: Lendoiro is still leaving an open door to a possible tour in America, what do you think about that?
A: I already said that it isn't the best thing in a sporting level, but we must understand the club, because a tour is always a good opportunity in the economic level. If we do it, we'll have to search for the proper dates in order to not affect the preparations for the UEFA calendar.

Q: Therefore, won't you go to Vilalba?
A: One thing doesn't remove the other one. We could go to Vilalba too. The only thing I ask is that if we go to Mexico or another place, is to have tranquility in order to make our preparation. This means that we can't be going from one place to another, but we must have a fixed place to work and from there to move ourselves in order to play the games.

Q: Have you analysed the possible rivals in Intertoto?
A. I have read the names and little more, I can't said I have analysed the rivals because it's too soon. Right now my main worry is to find one or two friendly games in order to start rolling before the Intertoto.

Q: Rivals of first level since the first moment?
A: For the moment, we�re just searching and nothing is closed yet. The Terresa Herrera is already confirmed, that's the most important thing, the two games in UEFA in August if we pass the Intertoto... therefore we already have six games, later we�ll choose the rest with calmness. We are looking to the countries in which the pre-season starts early, like England, Portugal... but nothing has been concreted yet. We want strong rivals, and if it's possible, with more time in their the pre-seasons.

Q: And our Filipe is going to the Olympic Games.
A: Yes, it's a clear problem and we�ve to see how we�ll solve it.

Q: Maybe with a new signing?
A: Well, it's a possibility. But first we must look how Guardado returns, he will join the team a little later compared to the others and he represents another problem. But what's bad news for us represents good news for the players, because to play the Olympics with Brazil is not a simple thing. We are happy for Filipe, he has growth with us, but he'll be an important casualty.

Q: A lot is expected from Guardado in his second season in La Coru�a.
A: I have high expectations on him, this could be the year of Guardado. We must take care of him, because he will be an important player for Deportivo.

Q: The president has said that Coloccini's exit is not clear, it should be a relief for you...
A: It's clear that it will be good news and a great advantage. We will start the things pretty well if Coloccini stays with us, but I don't want to have illusions, at least not yet. Because if an interesting offer arrives for him and for the club, I know the club will study it.

Q: Is the most urgent thing to sign a new striker?
A: Yes, if we keep Lafita and Wilhelmsson, we'll only need to see the arrival of a offensive man and a goalkeeper. But if we have more casualties, we'll have to cover their exits with people giving a sense of security to us. But the first thing to assure the arrival of a new striker is to reduce the current list of strikers at the squad, because we have too many people there for the moment.

Q: The continuity of Lafita could be more clear, but you are also talking about 'Willy'. Do you think his latest injury in the EURO is leaving him near to Deportivo?
A: No, I think that despite the injury, it's very difficult to see Wilhelmsson staying at Deportivo. I understand that he will love to stay, and also we�ll be happy to keep him, but for the moment the possibility is very low.

Q: The name of Aranzubia has been mentioned a lot.
A: There are more names over the table. We search for a reinforcement in the goal keeping position, but the shots might be going in other direction.

Q: What will be the contribution of Omar Bravo to Deportivo?
A: He's a player that we have been following since a while, we have very good reports about him. He's a second striker that's fast, skilful and that contributes with a big mobility up front. We are waiting a lot of things from him, although he needs time in order to be adapted to Deportivo, to Spain and to our football. 

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