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25 May 2008
The exit of Ernesto Bello has caused a reorganisation inside of Deportivo. Fabril's coach Tito Ramallo is now assuming the job as co-ordinator of the youth categories while the internal organisation has been divided in three sections: Sporting section of base football, administration section of base football and educational section of base football. Also, news about the group in which Depor B will compete.

Ernesto Bello, one of the reasons why Depor's youth categories have been so successful in recent times, is now going to Real Zaragoza. Taking advantage of the hole left by this departure, Deportivo decided to modify its internal structure with the youth categories. The first move was to replace Bello with Tito Ramallo. Fabril's coach had offers from other clubs in Segunda B, but instead leaving the club he decided to stay in order to continue in his job as Depor B's trainer, and now he's assuming a double role since he will also be the co-ordinator of the whole Depor's base football.

The new configuration of  the youth system was concluded on Tuesday�s night and now Deportivo will be divided in three sections. The first one has been called 'Sporting section of base football�. This section will be responsible for the functionality of nine squads: Juvenil A, Juvenil B, Juvenil C, Cadete A, Cadete B, Infantil A, Infantil B, Alev�n A and Alev�n B. The director of this section will be coach Antonio Rodr�guez G�mez, who was previously the designer of the trainings made by Depor's youth teams.

The second section is called 'Administration and management section of base football'. The function of this component is to co-ordinate the relationships between Deportivo and other external institutions, like clubs and the Spanish Football Federation. The responsible of this section is now Jos� Manuel Garrote who was the delegate of Deportivo B during the past season.

And the last section is called 'Educational section of base football' the function of this component is to be the link between the club and the family of the young players. The section is now responsible for any harm the kids could suffer and also to prepare the psychological trainings for all the teams. The responsible of the section is doctor Macario Bravo, psychologist that has worked with the young team since three seasons ago.

The Segunda B committee had a meeting on Wednesday's evening in order to analyse the composition of the four groups in Segunda B for the season 2008/2009. The Galician teams presented a proposition in order to keep the same structure of the past year, but the committee presented a new scheme:

- Group I: teams from Asturias, Cantabria, Castilla-Le�n, Galicia and Basque Country
- Group II: Canary Islands, Extremadura, La Rioja, Madrid and Murcia.
- Group III: Balearic Islands, Catalonia, Navarra and Valencia.
- Group IV: Andalusia, Castilla-La Mancha, Ceuta and Melilla.

This proposition still has to be confirmed by the members of Segunda B. In other sort of news, Adri�n L�pez 'Piscu', Laure and  �lex Berganti�os signed within the last hours their professional contracts with Deportivo's first team. Piscu and �lex signed for two more years while Laure did it for three. In this way, this three youngsters are officially the first promoted players from Fabril to the first squad for the season 2008/2009. �lex and Piscu signed their new contracts on Tuesday and Laure did it on Wednesday's night.

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