07 Jul 2008
Laureano Sanabria Ruiz �Laure’ is living a special moment. He arrived on the past season for Fabril and now is part of Depor’s first squad. The Madrilenian defender talked with newspaper El Ideal Gallego about his role at the squad for the new season.

Q: Very big turnover in your life in just one year.
A: Things have changed a lot, I arrived in order to play in the B squad and now I belong to the first team. I am very happy and trying each day to learn everything we can from my colleagues.

Q: Lotina said that you are not going out loaned to any team and that you will stay here.
A: It’s an honour for me to hear the coach saying those things. This obliges me to do more in order to see him trusting in me.

Q: The fact the coach wants you on here should be a compliment.
A: It gives me great confidence. He already told me that I should be one more player in the squad and that gives me more peace of mind to work.

Q: Are you coming as an alternative for the right-back position or are you arriving with the ambition of gaining a spot. 
A: I'm going to work and show what I can do and later the coach is who will decide, but being aware Manuel Pablo is in a great level and that Barragan, who is injured, is also a great player.

Q: The competitiveness can be hard among you.
A: Man, all my colleagues want to prove we can play in this team, later the coach should decide.

Q: The system seems to be defined, the line of five defenders will continue. Are you happy?
A: I can adapt to any position and system, although I have always played with a defense composed by four men, which is how I feel more comfortable.

Q: In the first team we already saw what you can do, besides playing without any problem.
A: Yes, because I have no problem. I look forward to play everything I can.

Q: Can you play at the left-back, in the event that’s necessary?
A: Maybe I wouldn’t give one hundred percent of what I can do on the right, but I would try to help the team with my maximum effort

Q: The competition is tough, especially for the younger ones.
A: Yes, because there are very good players coming to the squad. Let’s not forget that this is Deportivo and Primera Divisi??n. But we are calmed because the coach is not afraid to give us a chance. This fact gives a lot of tranquility to us, the younger players.

Q: And the team, how do you see it for the new course?
A: There are very good teams anyway, I am not thinking about challenges, we need to go game by game, but we will try to avoid more problems. Last year started badly for us and we ended well, you never know. What we must do is to be more regular and end the season in a decent position.

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