10 Jul 2008
Filipe Luis Kasmirski signed at the beginning of the week a five-year contract with Deportivo. The Brazilian left-back talked with newspaper La Voz de Galicia about his new goals at Depor, the conflict with Uruguayan club Rentistas and also about his disappointment after been left out of Brazil’s Olympic team.

Q: Your times of suffering are over and now you have a five-year contract, something that you searched so hard.
A: I am happy to have this tranquility in a club like Deportivo, but now I will try to play in the best possible way, to yield at one hundred percent in all the games in order to show my football.

Q: You were saying that you could not afford to stop if there was any injury, will you now open the bottle of champagne?
Q: Well, to be signing is not too much to open the champagne. I am comfortable here, but I will continue working hard, because this doesn’t mean anything. If I don’t play well, they will loan me out and I would go out. I have to give the maximum level in order to be a great player.

Q: Has the coach or someone at the club congratulated you?
A: No, they simply exercised the buyout option. I signed the contract and now I belong to Depor for five years. I don’t think anything else will happen with Rentistas, so I am just thinking in training here.

Q: What happened at the end with FIFA?
A: We have spoken with the club, we have seen the papers of the bank and everything seems entirely correct, so I don’t think we could have problems. At the end I decided to not go to the FIFA.

Q: And Rentistas has told you anything?
A: Not at this time, but if Rentistas wants to treat something, it will be through my agent. My job is to play and yield, nothing more. But I don’t think we’ll have problem, I see no reason for concern.

Q: When you arrived to Brazil, you were concern.
A: I was on vacations and is a complicated situation, you don’t know what's going to happen, but I knew that if Depor would fulfil what they had to do, everything would be settled.

Q: And with this contract, football is no longer treating you as a commodity.
A: Everything is in the past now. Now I'm fine, I made a great season, but the entire world will forget it if I am relaxed. I must maintain myself at the highest level.

Q: Deportivo and Rentistas, could they have done more to avoid this annoyance?
A: It's all resolved and I don’t want to think of Rentistas. I belong to Depor and I’m only interested in playing.

Q: What is now your goal at Deportivo?
A: I want to reach the national team and I don’t care where I will do it. I have a contract and, no matter what happens, everything depends on Deportivo. If the club says that I must go out, I'm leaving. If not, then I'll stay.

Q: Clearly you, the Brazilians, carry the ' canarinha’ engraved on fire.
A: Yes, the Spaniards play 40 matches and maybe they go to the national team. In Brazil, this is not the case. It’s complicated to enter into the national squad, there are many footballers, level dispute, competition. You see, I am not going to the Olympic Games, while all the Argentineans who play in Spain aren’t left out. In Brazil it’s very difficult. Hence this feeling, is the biggest thing there.

Q: Are you emotional affected for not receiving the call?
A: Yes, it’s a hard hit for me. I am upside down. I am very sad, but now we must look forward and think only of Deportivo.

Q: You are a U-23 player, so the club could not have stopped your participation in the games, unlike what happened with Coloccini.
A: Yes, and also they were forced to let me go by the contract. But I am not going, so I focus my efforts on Deportivo, which is my team.

Q: Do you think that Ronaldinho would yield at the Olympic Games?
A: The true is that now that I'm not going to the games, I don’t care. If he yields or not is not my problem.

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