15 Jul 2008
Tito Ramallo is starting a new challenge at Deportivo. He will be the coach of Fabril and also the co-ordinator of the youth teams. He had a conversation with Depor Sport and analysed the situation for the season 2008/2009. He also talked about what should be expected from Laure, Piscu and Alex.

Q: What means for you to be alternating your job between Fabril and the co-ordination of the youth categories?
A: It’s a task that can be fulfilled if you are surrounded by a group of people with a heavy agenda. The work that was done before by Ernesto Bello will be done now by five or six people. I will be the co-ordinator, but Anto and Gamallo will do the job in the sporting level, Garrote in the administration and Macario in the educative aspect. Therefore, the job of the co-ordinator will be the one of a judge, and the weight will be in their shoulders.

Q: Did you want to continue training?
A: Yes. I want to keep training. Right now, it’s my priority. But well, this circumstance came out and we all had to rearm ourselves. Neither the club told me I should leave that function.

Q: There was any possibility to see you out of Deportivo
A: There were a lot of contacts and movements, that’s the truth. Some of them were really interesting. But it was clear for me, the first offer I was going to hear was the one coming from the club. With the exit of Ernesto (Bello), the conditions changed for me. I valorised the situation and I thought the best thing was to stay.

Q: Ex-player, physical trainer, ex-second coach, coach and now co-ordinator… what else can you do at the club?
A: Still a lot. I have spent a lot of time at the club and I passed over all the phases in which you can learn in order to be a coach. For the moment, I think I’m fulfilling the job in a coherent way. I also know the day will come in which I will have to think about some things. Right now, with this new job, I’m assuming the control over some areas that I couldn’t control before. I started as a Fabril’s player that was arriving from modest football and look at me now…

Q: Was a weird case to witness the great contribution of Fabril to the first squad during the past season? Will we see more of this?
A: I said it two seasons ago when a great group was taken by Joaqu?­n Caparr??s. It’s impressive to see the first squad pulling the youngsters. The first step is to see them arriving and later to see them finding the consolidation. Since this point, I will love the see the ones that have just arrived finding the consolidation on there. That will mean the ones coming behind will find a space at Fabril. I’m sure that we will see a youngster raising his head during the season. But the logic tells me the ones currently on here should be noticed first at Fabril before others came to take their place. Taking in mind the change of generation at Fabril during this season, it’s the logical thing. Without forgetting that Fabril’s players should be pushing hard in order to find a place.

Q: What will be the role of the players promoted to the first squad during this season?
A: I will like to see them as a strong opposition to the ones that are currently playing. Laure is the alternative to Manuel Pablo and Piscu already showed that he’s fully capable of replacing any of the central defenders. Who has to fight harder is Alex, because he didn’t have the chance to demonstrate his qualities and he starts in disadvantage, but I trust in Alex. As soon as they meet him more closely, he will earn a spot and will become into a refreshing reference for Deportivo. If everything goes well, they will be participating in three competitions.

Q: Can be repeated the great season made last year by all the young teams?
A: I believe we can match that, in the sense all the long goals were achieved. Some years are like this are others don’t. If we don’t earn a championship, it doesn’t means the things won’t be made in the correct way. We don’t only search to win the first place in each league. Sometimes it isn’t too important. As long as we are nurturing the first squad and generating players that can be competitive, it means the job has been done well.

Q: What’s the relation of Miguel Angel Lotina with the young squads?
A: He’s a person that has been opened and coherent since the first moment. He has demonstrated that he can pull the young players anytime he realises that he can offer his help.

Q: What it’s the philosophy of Deportivo about the young teams?
A: Combinative football, been defending by zone, good control over the ball, searching quality plays up front and been defensively aggressive…That’s the idea that identify us as Deportivo La Coru?±a.

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