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08 Jan 2006
It’s the fourth consecutive away victory for Deportivo this season and it’s a new record for the club in Primera, the players believe that it was a very important result, but they also confessed that it was difficult for the level of the rival and the conditions of the pitch during the game.

Joaqu?n Caparr??s expressed his satisfaction for the victory, but he also emphasised the errors of his squad during the match: "In the first 45 minutes we lost too much control over the ball, in the second half things were better for us, although I don't want to talk about names in specific, I prefer to say that the effort made by everyone was very good."

The Sevillan coach also admitted that his team enjoyed some good luck during the actions that ended in the two goals of Deportivo: "Football is a game that has a component named luck, and today it was on our side... but in other occasions it isn't." But Caparr??s once again said that the collective effort of his team was the decisive factor for the win: "If Athletic would face a different squad, one without spirit the result would be different. I’m sure about that." Caparr??s is optimistic about the absence of Munitis, Capdevila and Andrade for the game against Alav?s, he thinks that it will be a nice chance to prove other players: "It will be a great opportunity to demonstrate some things. It's necessary to see the response of the squad."

V?ctor returned to action after being injured for a couple of weeks. The Madrilian winger said that the conditions of the pitch was a factor that affected the performance of both squads: "A small rainfull affected the pitch, but we were capable of managing the situation. We are very happy because we achieved an important victory in a very complicate match."

Joan Capdevila believes that the win is an important result in order to recover the lost points at Riazor: "We had to react after the three points that we lost against Espanyol. We have to take advantage of this rally of good results since you never know when the bad ones will come." The Catalan defender also had complaints about the state of the pitch: "It was full of mud and they played a very direct football. Now we have to think about Osasuna, they aren't an easy team either."

Juanma said that the defensive work of Depor was one of the keys in order to achieve the win: "We were serious in defence. They sent a lot of aerial balls, we knew that they would try to do that and it's a tough situation to stop. But we were very serious back there. Athletic is a very direct team and we didn't have time to tighten them down because they were very fast."

Sergio said that the game was complicated, but the Catalan midfielder believes that Deportivo managed properly the actions and he applauded the present form of the squad: "It was a very intricate match and we found the way to handle it. We showed a good level. We are a strong team and we are starting to manage the results really well."

Meanwhile, Javier Clemente expressed his frustration for the defeat after the good performance showed by his squad: "We played well, but we failed and it pissed me off because we were working in a good level. I didn't like the last minutes because we played forced by the clock. Maybe the thing that pisses me the most is the fact of allowing goals like this, good or bad these goals caused our defeat."

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