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20 Jul 2008
Coach Lotina and some of his players talked after the Intertoto game in Israel. The Basque coach was very pleased with what he saw over the pitch and also for the result achieved. Similar was the speech of Lopo and Valer??n. The club also confirmed that Pablo Amo will be out for a week due the injury suffered during the past week.

After the victory in Intertoto, Coach Miguel ?ngel Lotina gave his opinion about the game ?We scored two goals, but we could add more if we would be more effective. The first half was very tight in every aspect, it was hard for us to go out of our zone with the possession ball and we didn’t have clarity, but in the second half we played very well and demonstrated that we are the superior side. After their goal, they attacked and we suffered because the rival was in a better physical condition. I want to emphasise the capacity to move the ball that we saw in the second part. The worst part was the space left between the lines during the first half.?

Despite the advantage in the series, the Basque coach believes that Deportivo must be careful for the second-leg to be played on Saturday at the Riazor ?We are enchanted with the result because everything seems easy, but I am one of those who say that all the games must be played. We still have some things to improve, that’s for sure, but now time is running at our side, the second-leg won’t be easy, although we are playing with a favourable result, also with the fact that we play at home and that we will have the international players with us.?

One of the players that shined in the game was Juan Carlos Valer??n, the Canarian confessed that he ended the game very exhausted ?It’s has been a time since I don’t play for so many minutes and I felt fine, tired at the end but happy. We played very well, we moved the ball and we know that we will find more open spaces at home, because Riazor is a bigger pitch.?

Valer??n also expressed his satisfaction for the level showed by the whole squad ?We knew it was going to be tough, they played well and worked hard during the whole ninety minutes, but we also worked hard in order to achieve a good result and we did it in the end. Now we have to face the second-leg and we have to finish what hasn’t been made.?

Meanwhile, defender Albert Lopo expressed his best wishes for the upcoming game at the Riazor ?We know it was a complicate rival for the information that we had and also for the videos. They knew how to face us. They played as we were expecting and I believe that if we play like this in the second-leg, we won’t have any problem.?

Finally, the club confirmed through that Pablo Amo suffered an Achilles injury during the past week, it’s expected the central defender will be out of action for one week, meaning he will miss the second-leg game against Bnei Sakhnin.

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