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08 Jan 2006
The papers believes that Deportivo didn’t showed a ?pretty’ game in San Mam?s, but they agree to point out that the experience and the discipline of the squad were the keys to achieve the positive result. According to the media the entrance of Arizmendi is another important fact that affected the development of the match.

AS: The balance and the spirit of Deportivo were enough arguments to succeed against Athletic. The Basques showed a good disposition over the field, but it wasn't enough. It's true that the victory of the Galicians is maintained in two unfortunate actions in Aranzubia's area, this two errors happened for the accumulation of players on that zone, but the reality is that during the ninety minutes one team was the only one that gave the sensation of been managing the situation. Deportivo accepted the kind of game proposed by Athletic and the Galicians won it because they are stronger, and specially for the dominance in midfield. Athletic could argue that they had more chances and that their effort was constant, but their desire of changing the things ended smashed in the wall of Deportivo, a squad that showed that's very solid. Jos? Luis Artetxe.

La Voz De Galicia: If we take a look into the performance of Depor in the present season, we will find out that several of their victories were achieved thanks to a small dose of fortune. Poor football, order and luck. A combination that has accompany Caparr??s' squad during the tournament. It looks like the good position of the team in the table is hanging from a thread. The game that we saw yesterday could be understood as a new demonstration of this situation, specially for the way in which the goals were scored, but this is a big mistake. You must have something more than luck in order to achieve four consecutive wins playing out of your home and also for been fighting for the Champions League. To erase the rival from the pitch and to take advantage of their mistakes is also a merit... and an art. Fernando Hidalgo.

La Opinion A Coru?a: San Mam?s smell like football. The air there have a taste to football in every corner and the concept is clear: the good football is a thing for the chosen ones, the rest of the mortals have to fight ball after ball and with the heart in one hand. That's the style that trapped Deportivo over a pitch that was in bad conditions. It's difficult to manage the ball and make combinations, everything is made with an infernal rhythm, the one imposed by the local players since the first second of the match. Pressure over the ball trying to close every open space with the intention of send it to the wings in order to made a cross into the box. It was the same script that Athletic manages and the one repeated against Deportivo. The Galicians carried on the situation and they even responded whit a great pass of V?ctor to Valer??n who faced Aranzubia, but it was Amorebieta who sent the ball into the net. After that the referee showed several yellow cards, but Caparr??s' players managed the situation properly. The things changed with Arizmendi on the pitch, his efforts made a lot of damage and the smallest one ended in the second goal. Enough for the fourth consecutive win in away matches. Xos? Manuel Mallo.

El Ideal Gallego: Caparr??s' squad won yesterday without showing luxuries or good plays... but they won. And they did it in the same way seen recently, taking advantage of the rival's errors and converting them into positive facts for them. One more time Juan Carlos Valer??n showed up in order to lead Depor during the first half, although is fair to recognise that the players ended the game suffering for the fatigue. Javier Clemente tried to react at half-time sending Urzaiz and curiously Caparr??s did  the same with Arizmendi when he replaced a lost Trist??n. Both coaches succeeded since their modifications scored the two goals during the second half. Let’s hope that the team will maintain the rhythm, because seen the squad’s skills the things could become tough. Alberto Torres.

El Correo Digital (Bilbao): Third consecutive defeat for Athletic ending the hope of the desired recuperation. The experience of the Galicians was enough to defeat the spirit of a squad that had the will, but not a good level of play. Athletic used almost the same lineup presented against Real Madrid with the only absence of Gurpegui. However, the sensations were different this time, Depor showed Caparr??s' style in a intent to tire them up . They showed an efficient defensive line that was waiting behind with only Trist??n upfront. The rest was hard working and sacrifice. Their victory was an excessive reward since their game was simple, but at the same time it was disciplined. Athletic imposed a high rhythm, but without ideas. Only a suffered strategic play and the shot of Aduriz were their clear chances to score during the first half. The unfortunate play of Lacruz complicated the situation. The entrance of Urzaiz gave hope to the local side, but Caparr??s introduced Arizmendi in a intent to take advantage of the spaces. At the end, the lack of ideas and resources caused an unfair defeat although the squad didn't play a good match. Jon Aspiuzu.

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