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24 Jul 2008
Depor Sport wrote a report about the age of Deportivo B’s squad for the new season; the conclusion is that Ramallo’s team is two years younger compared to last year’s squad. However, the final number will depend on the players from Juvenil A that will stay at Fabril.

According to Depor Sport, the difference between the Fabril of the season 2007/2008 and the one of the 2008/2009 campaign can be calculated in two years. That’s because the average age of Ramallo’s new squad is 20.33 when in the previous year the average was at 22.45. And it’s that the club’s vision is to have a B squad conformed by U-23 players.

All the players at Fabril are U-23 with the exception of Iv??n Carril who is already 24. The Galician winger is staying at the squad as he has one more year in his contract. Totally, thirteen players have left Depor B compared to the past season: Fabricio, Manu, Laure, Roberto Casado, Juachi, Piscu, Chapi, Borja Facal, Jos?© Arenas, Pita, Alex, Jairo and Ruben Rivera.

In this sense, the four new signings –Diagne, Chema, Hector Granado and Castillo- are fulfilling the U-23 condition. A fifth arrival could be confirmed in the next days as Fabril is testing another left-back coming from Extremadura: Flavio Maldonado.

But before making an exact calculation about ages, coach Tito Ramallo needs to take a decision about the seven players promoted from Juvenil A: Dani Bea, David A?±on, Hugo Garc?­a, Rochela, Caridad, Chirri and Juan Dominguez. These are the seven younger players at Fabril’s team and if they don’t fit into the squad, they will return to Juvenil A or will be loaned to other teams. Meaning the average age will suffer an increase.

In the meantime, coach Ramallo defended the policy of Deportivo B and showed his surprise when he realises by the moves made by other clubs, as he said to Depor Sport �I’m finding huge surprises related to the B squads. I see clubs like Espanyol or Villarreal signing 26 or 29-year-old players for their B teams. Barcelona, on the past year, earned the promotion to Segunda B with a goalkeeper at his twenties, a midfielder at 26 and with a striker at 29. We keep coherence in that sense; our idea is to have U-23 players with some exceptions. We plan the squad using some parameters and this year, I think we will make another competitive squad.�

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