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27 Jul 2008
the meeting between Coloccini’s agent and president Lendoiro ended in nothing as Newcastle’s offer was rejected by Deportivo. However the Argentinean defender isn’t travelling to Venezuela with the rest of the squad. The club has officially admitted that right now they still trying to decide what to do with the player.

Marcelo Lombilla, the agent of Fabricio Coloccini, already returned to Argentina after the offer from Newcastle United was rejected by Deportivo. He left La Coru?a angered since he understands that Lendoiro broke his promise of opening the door to the Argentinean defender if an interesting offer appears. Despite Newcastle’s offer was rejected, the player didn’t travel with the rest of the club for the tour in Venezuela, apparently because Coloccini refused to do it.

Lombilla explained to reporters that Lendorio told him on the phone that he was rejecting the offer coming from England ?He preferred to not see me there, because there were some journalists on there, and to see me with my state of tension, he preferred to not see me talking. I’m tired and I’m leaving. I have been working for three months to see them raising the offer from eight to eleven million, and when I do it and bring the offer in paper, it’s worthless. Maybe what he (Lendoiro) wants is to see Newcastle coming and building the new stadium ?

Later the agent continued discharging his fury over Lendoiro ?When somebody look at your face and tell you that Coloccini will have the chance to leave, and later he doesn’t fulfil his word, that’s avoiding the truth. He doesn’t eat and neither leaves other eat. He isn’t allowing his departure and neither is studying his situation at the club in order to valorise Fabricio as he deserves.?

Lombilla also explained that Coloccini himself was who decided to not travel to Venezuela with the rest of the squad ?He doesn’t want to travel, because he’s waiting for a resolution and to see somebody giving the face and talking to him after receiving the promise they will let him go out.? Finally, he menaced the player might try to use FIFA’s article 17 in order to find an exit. This legislation allows any player fulfilling his third year at any club to find an exit after the case is studied by the FIFA.

It was also rumoured that Tottenham Hotspurs was interested in the player, but it seems the only offer that was officially presented was the one of Newcastle United. About this offer, there are two versions. One that corresponds to Lombilla’s declarations: ?8 million offer (€10.15 million) and that will include more money according to some incentives. Other version of the offer appeared in Radio Coru?a as the same Lombilla explained: a €11 million offer plus €1 million for incentives, also that Newcastle would take charge of the 15% that corresponds to the player (€2 million) and all the expenses of the transfer, meaning the real value of the offer is €16 million. It was also rumoured that Newcastle was offering to double the salary of the player.

Anyhow, the offer was rejected by president Lendoiro and Coloccini is staying in La Coru?a until his future is finally decided. At canaldeportivo’s article in which the names of the players traveling to Venezuela were revealed, the club also announced that Coloccini is staying in Spain because ?his future will be decided in the next days.?

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