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08 Aug 2008
Contrary to the case of the senior squad, Fabril has defined its squad for the new season in a 99%. The only things still to be defined are the signing of a new left-back and the possible incorporation of a new keeper, something that coach Tito Ramallo wants to fulfill soon. Like it happened with Piscu in the previous campaign, central defender Juanan could be alternating between Depor B and the first squad.

Deportivo B is ready to start its new season in Segunda B as the squad has been defined in a 99%. Currently coach Tito Ramallo is working with 23 youngsters: Marcos Val?­n, Alberto Dom?­nguez (goalkeepers); Antonio Del Castillo, Diego Seoane, Marcos Caridad, David Rochela, H?©ctor Granado, Juanan, Sergio Benito (defenders); Momar Diagne, Chema, Dani Rodr?­guez, Juan Dom?­nguez, Nacho Matador, Herbert, Iv??n P?©rez, Iv??n Carril, Guille (midfielders); Hugo Garc?­a, Dani Bea, David A?±??n Gonz??lez, Aridane and Lassad Nouioui (strikers).

The things still to be decided are: a new signing for the left-back position, the possible arrival of a new goalkeeper and also the future of strikers Dani Bea, David A?±??n. Roberto Casado and Borja Facal left the club at the end of the past season, and this fact left the squad without any option for the left-back position. For this reason the club signed H?©ctor Granados from Real Valladolid B. But Ramallo wants a second option and that’s why he’s trying to hire a new player for that position.

Several youngsters have been tested in the last days, but nobody has been able to convince Ramallo. Ruben Cos?­n was tested on the past week, but he was already discarded. For the moment French player Larry Dossa and Arturo Garc?­a are the two options competing for the spot. Another arrival could occur for the goalkeeping position, with Marcos Val?­n out for some weeks due to a finger fracture; Ramallo might need a new choice. For that reason he tested a player named David, but he was discarded during this week, the new option could be Alain Baroja who is a Venezuelan keeper found during the tour of the first squad in South America.

About the cases with Dani Bea and David A?±??n, they are strikers promoted from Juvenil A. Ramallo is aware they won’t have too many minutes in the squad since Lassad, Hugo Garc?­a and Aridane are the main choices in the squad, that’s why the club is searching for a Tercera club in order to loan them out. Midfielder Dani Rodr?­guez was also appointed as a possible exit, but Ramallo already decided to keep him. Goalkeeper Alberto Dom?­nguez could also end loaned in other club, but that decision will depend on the evolution of Marcos Valin’s injury and the arrival of a new keeper. So far the only two players that have been loaned out are striker Efr?©n and midfielder Javi Redondo.

About players that might be promoted to the first squad during the regular season, the main candidate is without doubt Juan Antonio Gonz??lez, �Juanan’. Central defender that even played the Intertoto cup with the first squad and that participated in the tours made in Denmark and Venezuela. Another youngster to follow is Carlos Monje �Chirri’. This right winger seems to be the only one to be alternating between Juvenil A and Fabril during the season. Together with Rochela, Chirri was already called to play for Spain’s U-20 squad.

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