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09 Aug 2008
Depor’s squad returned to La Coru?±a after a 23-hour flight. Actually only six of the twenty six men that leave the city ten days ago were returning to Alvedro airport. The reason was that big part of the team decided to stay in Madrid and travel to other cities in order to enjoy of the free weekend gave by coach Lotina. The squad will resume the trainings on Monday.

Twenty three hours. That’s the time that Deportivo needed in order to return to La Coru?±a from his tour in Venezuela. The odyssey started on Thursday’s night (18h30), moment in which the squad took a bus in San Cristobal and that transported Depor’s players to Santo Domingo airport. There the squad and president Lendoiro took a plane to Caracas and later a second flight overseas to Madrid's Barajas International Airport. The arrival to the capital of Spain occurred until Friday at noon.

The squad lunched at Madrid airport and spent four hours before taking a third and final plane that took the players to La Coru?±a (Alvedro airport). But only president Lendoiro and six players took that plane: Valer??n, Joan Verd??, De Guzman, Cristian, Guardado and Omar Bravo. The rest splitted in Madrid and travelled to other places in order to take advantage of the free weekend gave by Lotina. The same Basque coach and his assistant, Jos?© Luis Ribera, stayed in Madrid in order to take another flight.

In the end, Lendoiro and the six players that took the plane to La Coru?±a arrived exhausted on Friday’s night (17h30). The only player that talked with reporters was Omar Bravo, the Mexican wasn’t surprised for the â€?torment’ lived in this long journey â€?It’s normal when you go out of the country, you know you are facing a pre-season stage that it isn’t easy. The squad possesses a strong mental character and we adapt to the circumstances. We are always on vacations. I do what I like and my team mates too. We just adapt to the circumstances.â€?

But the pause will be short. The squad will resume the trainings on Monday’s morning (10h00). Day in which the team will start to prepare the first-leg match in the UEFA cup against Hajduk Split. This encounter will be played on Thursday at the Riazor (21h00).

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