26 Aug 2008
Julian De Guzm??n analysed with newspaper La Voz de Galicia his new season at Deportivo, one that could be the last since his contract ends in June of the next year. For the moment the Canadian international appoints that he would like to continue in La Coru?a. De Guzm??n also talks about the World Cup qualifiers in Concacaf.

Q: You are finishing contract next June. Will you renew?
A: So far they haven’t said anything, but if there’s a chance to stay at Deportivo, I would prefer it. If not, I do not know what will happen. I want to fulfill my contract. If they offer me more years, we can talk about it.

Q: In other words, your desire is to renew, but you will have to find something else if the club doesn’t offer something concrete.
A: Sure, of course. I want to make a good season and also to seek the possibility of a place in Europe with my last year here. I think it is possible to continue at Depor, but if not, we must look for something else.

Q: And that alternative would always be in Europe?
A: Yes, yes, sure. In Germany or England, but I prefer to stay in Spain.

Q: Then you will face this season as a test to renew or find another club.
A: Sure, I know it's difficult to continue in Spain, because I have no European passport. That means fewer options, including at Deportivo. It's easier in Germany or England, but I am very happy at Deportivo, and also with the life I met in A Coru?a, and that is something very important for a footballer.

Q: Sure, another fan of sea food that do not want to run out of barnacles.
A: That is true (he laughs), I prefer to remain at Deportivo, in England there is no octopus.

Q: Let's turn to the league. On Sunday Real Madrid comes to Riazor.
A: Only the victory is worthy, continuing the streak that we have at home against them. It’s a game that comes in a good time in order to clinch a nice start.

Q: Last season you bet a year without sex if you were scoring against Madrid. Will we have a challenge on this year?
A: No, this year there is no bet.

Q: Do you dare to give a result?
A: Maybe ... 2-0. We will maintain the streak of victories.

Q: Five more matches with Canada until November and a good beating for the body. Will you hold that pace?
A: At the moment I have many matches ahead with Depor and with the national team, and we must be prepared for everything and make a good recovery. I think I may play them all, I always want to win. Let's see what happens and above all, if I’m able to start the season with my club.

Q: Lotina was saying that you were coming on this summer with tendonitis, but that he knows you are a very strong person and that he believes you may assume all that workload.
A: I know my body and I know it is possible for me to play everything. It is also true that I need plenty of rest and recovery. Typically, when a season is starting is normal to have some troubles with tendonitis, but then I surpass the situation without any problem and I am prepared to complete the campaign.

Q: Do you sleep on the plane, how do you combat the 'jet lag'?
A: As I can (laughs with face of resignation). Well, well ... Thanks to the naps I made on here, I’m recovering well.

Q: Are you happy after scoring the goal that meant the tie with Jamaica in the CONCACAF?
A; It’s always nice to score a goal, but more important was to win this game against the Jamaicans, and we lost two points at home. Now we will find a stronger rival, Honduras, again at home, and then we will go to Mexico. It will be difficult to win all these points, but we have a good team and we will go for everything.

Q: Are the Jamaicans of the same style than Usain Bolt or do they run something less?
A: Yes, yes (confirms with absolute conviction), they are as rapid as in the hundred meters, electric and very aggressive. They are very competitive.

Q: For the match against Mexico, I believe there’s already a challenge in the dressing room with Guardado and Omar.
A: Yesss! (He laughs and confirms). The first match between the two teams will be in Mexico and we will see what happens. It will be strange to meet with these two players in the rival team. They are very good footballers and it will be something a little weird. There are always jokes among the three, but I know that when we enter to the pitch with the shirt of the national team, everything will change.

Q: But what did they tell you, maybe that they will score five times against Canada or something like that?
A: Ha, ha, let’s leave it like that.

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