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02 Sep 2008
Xisco was sold to Newcastle because his agent menaced to not accept a renovation in his contract, then Lendoiro decided to accept an offer that was good for the club and also for the player. Depor is collecting €8 million in the operation. Meanwhile Colotto is arriving to Deportivo thanks to the pressure he put over Atlas. This move is costing €2.5 million to Deportivo.

The transfers of Colotto to Deportivo and the one of Xisco to Newcastle United were the last ones accepted in Spain and England. On Tuesday new information was revealed about both cases. The following is a resume of both operations.

Deportivo is paying €2.5 million for the Argentinean central defender, the official offer was sent on Friday’s night to Atlas de Guadalajara, but it was accepted until Monday’s night because the Mexican club didn’t want to sell its captain. Actually it was Colotto himself who pushed the club’s authorities searching for an exit. That’s why he asked to be left out of the team that faced Pumas UNAM during the weekend.

This situation just angered the fans at the club, because Atlas is living a tough situation with only one victory after seven matches in Torneo Apertura 2008, the team from Guadalajara needed his captain in this delicate moment, but he already was taking a decision: to fulfill his dream and play in Europe, that’s why he chose to play at Deportivo.

The move was completed just fifteen minutes before midnight; a few moments later Atlas and Colotto gave a press conference in order to explain the deal. First it was the vice-president of Atlas, Gustavo Montoya, who admitted it was the player who pushed for an exit "From the first moment in which we had a communication with Diego Colotto, he made us know that until that point, he was no longer wanting to stay at Atlas, because at that time he had in his hands the opportunity to pursue a career in Europe and he asked us to study the case, to access to his petition, and we supported him on that."

Later the Argentinean defender talked with the media and explained his exit from Atlas �The departure as Gustavo said it, was caused by myself, it’s totally my responsibility. It's because I took the decision, which was leaving because of the factors. I always wanted since a kid to play in Europe and it’s an important dream for me and my family who is supporting me. It is an important step for me and my career. That’s why I did everything possible, even the impossible to achieve it, beyond Atlas’s officials always had the will to keep me.�

Colotto also responded to the criticism for leaving Atlas is this delicate moment �I know that it would have been better a month ago and not now, I understand that, but I also understand that I can not let pass an opportunity like this, because I do not know if I would have another one, nobody can guarantee me that I will have another chance. I understand it (the anger), but I do not choose when the proposal is presented, that is the reality, if I had had the power to say when it should be presented, I would do it before the tournament was starting, but that did not depend on me. I just try to seize this opportunity. "

You can now check the profile of Colotto on here.

The exit of Xisco is very similar to the arrival of Colotto, both were made in the last minute and both cases occurred because the players wanted it. Lotina told to reporters that it was Xisco himself who pushed for an exit, it seems because the player will now earn €1.2 million per season compared to the €200,000 he was earning at Depor. According to Deportivo’s coach, the agent of the striker menaced to not accept a renewal in two years if this offer wasn’t accepted.

Besides the deal seemed perfect for Lendoiro and he decided to not take risks and accept the proposition that initially arrived ten days ago. This means that in the beginning, Lendoiro and Lotina weren’t planning the exit of the Majorcan striker, but in the end they accepted the proposition due to the desire of the same Xisco. The club didn’t want to inform about the details of the operation, Lendoiro just argued that it was a simple transfer without any special clause. However several papers agree now that Xisco was sold for €8 million.

Meanwhile, Xisco is already in England and gave an exclusive interview to Newcastle United official webpage. The 22-year-old striker signed a five-year deal at St. James' Park and told to reporters that "It is a great feeling to be here and to have signed for Newcastle United. I have waited for this opportunity for a long time in my life and I want to show to the people of Newcastle what I can do. I love the Premier League and I think I will be suited to English football because it is fast and physical.� Xisco also revealed that Coloccini has given him good references about the squad.

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