03 Sep 2008
Diego Colotto arrives today to La Coru?±a. Before his travel, he talked with newspaper La Opini??n A Coru?±a and analysed his move to Europe. The Argentinean central defender confessed that he chose Deportivo for the recommendation of Coloccini, precisely the player he’s replacing at Lotina’s squad.

Q: Being the captain at Atlas, it should be difficult to leave the team with the competition already on course and also because you didn’t travel with them for the last meeting.
A: Yes, in that situation I put a lot on my part in order to reach Deportivo, knowing that people might criticise me at Atlas. I will be eternally grateful to Atlas fans for how they treated me, but for me this was a very important opportunity that I would not let go. Obviously the tournament was already carrying with six or seven matchdays, I had the responsibility of being the captain and it was a bit complicated to leave the team at that time, but I think people will be able to understand and appreciate everything I did.

Q: Lotina has said that you will have to win the spot.
A: Yes, it’s very well. I come in order to add things, to contribute with my grain of sand and collaborate with the team. Let’s hope that my adaptation will be as fast as possible and that the coach will have me among the eleven players, or between the eighteen, and that’s a possibility that I know I need to earn.

Q: The coach has also commented that you remind him of Coloccini for your character and game. Is this comparison a slab that you want to remove?
A. I do not want to make comparisons. Fabricio is a player from the national team, a different footballer. Obviously the comparisons will occur, as a matter of nationality, because Fabricio spoke very good things about the club and the city, I have a nice friendship with him, but each one of us has his own history in the teams in which we have played . He has had a spectacular growth, that’s why he’s in the same level of Argentina’s national team, which is one of the most competitive teams in the world. I try to go slowly proving things over time and winning a place.

Q: And if you can make the half of the mark left by Fabricio at Deportivo?
A: Let’s hope that I will adapt quickly and to have a good present and a good future at Deportivo.

Q: The contract is for four seasons, so you are a player for the future.
A: Yes, for me it's a good chance and I look forward to give back to Depor the confidence they have put on me. At some point in recent days, there were other options, but everything that Fabricio did for me in terms of recommendations and everything he spoken with me about the club made me chose Deportivo.

Q: Do you see your arrival at the Galician club as a springboard or as a bet for the future?
A: I see Deportivo as a team that opens the doors to me. I want to thank them for this and will try to restore that confidence. Then, time will tell.

Q: If you could choose, would you prefer to play with a defense of four or five men?
A: I have no problems with the tactical system. I have played with both systems and in several positions, so the coach is the one who decides what’s the best system for him.

Q: Have you ever played as a left-back?
A: It should be seen and talked with the coach. I barely played as a side defender. Generally I have played in the centre. On the left, right or as the last man in defence, but always based on that position.

Q: Do you like to pass the ball or your best characteristic is to be a more forceful defender?
A: I love to play, but you will know my characteristics as I would have chances to prove them.

Q: Your former team facilitated your exit, but also the interest of Lotina.
A: Yes, since the beginning, Atlas obviously showed interest in my continuity, but finally they ended understanding my position. For me it is a pride to know that a prestigious coach like him has taken part in my recruitment. It is very valuable.

Q: You are 27-year-old. Is this the perfect time to �jump the pond’?
A: Yes, because it is difficult to reach Europe later, with 30 years or more. At the moment I feel as a mature player and it is a good opportunity.

Q: What is the fact that concerns you at your arrival to A Coru?±a?
A: I have no fear for anything in particular. Only that I know I am going to find a new group, new people and that I need to be adapted to that. I am very predisposed to do the right things and I'm happy to be arriving to Deportivo.

Q:  Did Coloccini give you good references?
A: Yes, he talked about many things, he also said that this is a good group of players, good people. I have some important references that finally ended up tipping the balance in the decision of choosing Deportivo.

Q: Did he also mention the city?
A: Yes. I know it is a city that has a port, very nice, with pretty places, but that is something that I will meet later. For me the most important thing is to be adapted to the group, something else is secondary. I will have to arrive and then see what are possibilities and options to live over there.

Q: Did he give you the phone a colleague? do you know anybody at Deportivo?
A: No, but I faced both Omar (Bravo) and Andr?©s (Guardado), I have a relationship with both since I played with them in Mexico and I hope I will be able to find some help from them in order to make easier my adaptation to the group.

Q: You are arriving to team already qualified for the UEFA and that defeated Real Madrid in the first matchday. What aspirations do you have in your head?
A: My aspiration is what I have before: restoring the confidence they have shown and to try to live according to the circumstances. All of this in both, the local tournament and internationally. On the past year we ended up with Atlas playing the Libertadores, the most important tournament in America. The UEFA and Champions League are the most important ones in Europe. Everybody knows that when you start moving in those tournaments, the teams become more important, and that's what I want: to help Deportivo.

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