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03 Sep 2008
Francisco Jim?©nez Tejada â€?Xisco’ talked with newspaper La Voz de Galicia in Kazakhstan and analysed his surprising move to Newcastle United. The Majorcan striker wanted to thanks all the people from A Coru?±a and previews his new career in the Premiership.

Q: Very good deal you have signed
A: Yes (he laughs), but the true is that I didn’t know it until the end, when the offer was clear. I am proud that a major club in England is betting on me, it was an offer impossible to refuse.

Q: Those people handle a lot of money. Did they come for you in a private plane?
A: Well, yes. And they also took me to Madrid on the next day in order to join the U-21 squad. And now I'm here in Kazakhstan, almost without sleeping and without believing it. These things do not happen too often and can’t be missed. When you see how the club works and at which level, you get surprised for the matter of the private plane.

Q: And how about the city, the stadium ...?
A: It is alright. The pitch is spectacular, new, and people say that’s full on every Sunday with a great environment. Now the club has told me they will help me to find a house.

Q: Have you talked with Coloccini?
A: Yes, and with Jose Enrique too, companion of the sub-21 squad. He has spent some time there and is very used with everything. Both have spoken wonders. But they also say that I should be prepared for the cold weather, tough now it's hot and people go out in a convertible.

Q: Is the Premier League suitable to your style?
A:  I think so, because of my characteristics. I liked since I was a kid. The Premier League was a dream, I wanted to play in England someday, but I didn’t think the chance would arrive so soon.

Q: Very big change in your career. Fourteen months ago you were at Vecindario.
A: What times were those days, incredible! It is something that I can not forgive. Everything happened very fast, things have gone better than I thought and I must open both eyes in order to believe it, and to assume that everything is already done.

Q: Will you miss Depor and A Coru?±a?
A: Sure, but I am planning to go there, so nothing happens. I will miss them because I have spent many years over there. In A Coru?±a they gave me everything and I won’t forgive it in my whole life. It's my second home and will always be in my heart. Let’s not forget that there’s going to be another Deportivista encouraging and supporting the team from the distance. It will be strange to get up and not go to Abegondo. Nor forget the colleagues or to the coaches that threw me a hand in order to reach this, starting with Ernesto Bello, who came for me in Mallorca.

Q: Are you aware of the possible resignation of Kevin Keegan as coach of Newcastle, precisely because the policy of signings inside the club?
A: Well the true is that I know nothing, I am surprised. I met him on Monday and I was talking with him about the project and the team

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