05 Sep 2008
Laureano Sanabria �Laure’ is having the biggest chance in his life, with Manuel Pablo and Barrag??n out injured, this ex-Fabril member is having the opportunity to demonstrate his qualities. And the Madrilenian started well as he made a good job against Real Madrid, club that curiously meant the first one in his career. The following is an interview with him made by newspaper La Opini??n.

Q: Many people think you were one of the most outstanding players against Real Madrid. Which colleagues will you like to emphasise?
A: There were three who impressed me a lot: Lopo, Sergio and De Guzman. I think they had a very complete match.

Q: On Sunday you missed some offensive projection, but with five defenders, maybe we will see the Laure of Fabril.
A: We are working both systems and I'm feeling very comfortable with both. The system with five men at the back gives me more freedom in attack, but against Real Madrid we knew we had to fill the wingers and the forwards, therefore we couldn’t attack so much.

Q: What congratulation was more hopeful after the game?
A: When I am out, my parents are always there and a hug or a kiss from my father or from my girlfriend always leaves me really excited.

Q: Was your father who was taken you into the football matches?
A: For matters of his work, he wasn’t able to do it. It was my mother who had to sacrifice herself in order to take me and pick me off, and I always admire them for that.

Q: You already played with the first team at Villarreal, but this was your debut at the Riazor.
A: Yes, the debut at Primera is always very special, but I prefer the debut against Villarreal rather the match with (real) Madrid.

Q: Despite the fact this was at home and the other outside?
A: Well, yes, this was at the Riazor ... A debut is always special, but this game against (Real) Madrid, and especially winning it, was special too. Both were equally important. I don’t know which one the most.

Q: You left the pitch with the shirt of Robben...
A: Yes, I have it at home, and also the one from Ra??l.

Q: In the second part, you had to cover the Dutch and he never escaped, not once.
A: The coach gave me some coordinates: ''This guy is left-footed and likes to play on this side� but neither I was obsessed.

Q: The next matchday you will face Villarreal, another special game.
A: I still have many memories of the last year: the dressing room, when when we were warming out or when we jumped to the pitch.

Q: That game was a surprise, but at this moment you are the starting right-back at Deportivo.
A: Against Real Madrid I knew that I was more specific, that there were other colleagues with options, but I had chances to play.

Q: You seem happy. What are your goals for this season?
A: My intention is to play everything: UEFA, the Copa, friendly matches, la liga ... And always during fully ninety minutes. I want everything so I will be able to demonstrate that I have a spot at Deportivo, and that I can be here for many years.

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