08 Sep 2008
Joan Verd?? talked with Depor Sport about the season 2008/2009. The Catalan expressed his happiness for his appearance as starter in the game with Real Madrid. Verd?? hopes this is going to be his year at Depor and also because he will be a father.

Q: Was a surprise for you to be a starter against Real Madrid?
A: Everybody on the squad works in order to be a starter during Sundays, but for what we saw, maybe some people were surprised. Anyway I was prepared in order to play, and if the coach chose me, it was because he thought it was the best thing for the team. At least it worked out and let’s hope I can have more chances.

Q: Compared to the game played in Croatia, we saw five changes and the performance was the same. Is Europe making your motivation bigger?
A: Having three competitions on this year, we have to be in a good level, because we are playing on Sunday and Thursday and we have to show that despite the changes, the team is not affected, no matter who is playing.

Q: You have performed as playmaker, on the wing and in midfield. You are giving a lot of options to the coach…
A: I play wherever the coach tells me. Besides he’s using several systems. We can play with the 4-2-3-1 and with five men at the back. Depending of the system my position can change, but that depends on him. For me is positive as long as I am playing.

Q: Talking about the playmaking function, you are competing against Valer??n. Is this tough?
A: Buff, it’s pretty tough. He’s a great player but we have to be content because he’s among us, and that give us an advantage against the rivals. We all know that Valer??n is Valer??n, but I only think of putting the things hard to the coach.

Q: On the past season you faced a period in which you were denied against the goal, now although through a penalty, you have started scoring goals. Is this fact giving you more calmness?
A: Yes, if you look into the past year, there were some straight matches in which I hit the wood, and if those balls would enter, maybe things have changed. Anyway I only want to think of this year, to try to grow as a player and earn a spot at the squad.

Q: Do you think you still have a long way to go as a professional?
A: Yes, you haven’t seen the best of me yet. Maybe for lack of continuity or four been missing some luck. Maybe because I haven’t been able to show my real level. But I am hopeful this is going to be my year and that I will show everything I have on the inside.

Q: What does mean to you to see the club is playing in Europe?
A: A lot. Personally, I was lucky to debut in the Champions League with Barcelona and anything meaning to play in Europe is a special thing in both personal and collective sense, besides is pretty. I’m hopeful about the UEFA. I believe that if we pass this round, later the fans will feel implied in the group stage and it could be a good year for them and for us. Let’s hope everything will be fine, because in this way we can demonstrate that Deportivo is returning to the place where it was some years ago.

Q: Do you think the squad demonstrated against Hajduk Split that’s at the right level to compete in the UEFA cup?
A: Yes, we with our squad, player by player, are showing to be classy. The team can offer a lot and that’s why I don’t discard to be able to demonstrate a lot of things in the three competitions.

Q: Has the squad learned how to live of the complicate moments faced on the past season?
A: On the past year there were complicate moments in which things weren’t working on, moments in which we weren’t lifting the head, but lucky things changed in the second part of la liga, it was perfect. This season we have to search to keep the regularly, to be strong at home and learn from the bad things lived in the past.

Q: You were talking you are hoping this is going to be your year, in a personal sense it seems it will be like that since you will be a father…
A: Yes, it’s a big thing. The first thing in life is football and the family. For me both things are important. Since this point everything has been fine for me and let’s hope this is going to be my year in a sporting sense and also in the personal level. I am hopeful in both aspects.

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