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15 Sep 2008
All the papers write that Lotina’s strategy for this game didn’t work out. The �triple pivote’ figure used in the game was promising, but it wasn’t enough due to several factors that included the heat on the game and also the intensity showed by Deportivo’s squad. In Vila-real the media was satisfied despite the team suffered during the final minutes, they even see the result as a warning about what Pellegrini’s side might reach on the season.

La Voz de Galicia: The plan did not work, that's all. The script leading Deportivo prepared to surprise Villarreal at home and that was based on the defensive intensity was left at the hotel by the players. Villarreal leads since December without losing a match at El Madrigal, where it’s almost impregnable and barely leaks a goal. But if they don’t allow goals is not because it’s a particularly defensive team. Quite the contrary: it doesn’t leak goals for his offensive vocation. Villarreal dominates the games, leaving the opposition without the ball through a huge possession well managed in attack and avoiding the risks arriving to the goal with triangulations, which it’s done with many footballers.

To counter those offensive arguments, which are also defensive, Depor came to El  Madrigal with a premise: to steal the ball up front. To not allow the adversary to make passes in three quarters of the pitch and to end triangulating near the goal of Aranzubia. The key was pressuring either in the centre of the field, to recover in the wide area and exploit the spaces left behind by a Villarreal that was positioning in advance. But it worked poorly. Rather, it did not work. The yellow submarine broke the barrier of the core without undue opposition and was making passes with pleasure and arriving without problems to Aranzubia. And to let combine so well a very technical team like this one is almost always synonymous of a defeat.

The question is why Deportivo didn’t work, because it was unable to stop its opponent where it had to do it and allowed the waves of Pellegrini’s team, something that could lead to a more exaggerated defeat, if it was it for the performance of Aranzubia. The answer is a lack of intensity. The team played without the needed intensity to counter the technical conditions of the home team. We missed claw, aggressiveness, that tension that was asked yesterday to Depor. To steal and find spaces for the counterattack. And the few counterattacks created were very vague. Neither helped the strong heat to achieve a result based precisely in the sweat.

Antonio Tomas (eroded by a yellow card) and Sergio were overwhelmed, but also the sides were easily exceeded despite the constant aids of Juan Rodriguez, who was involved in the match and that worked hard with excessive aids. The proposal of Depor at Villarreal was poor in terms of football, for its renunciation to the art, and if one clings to the intensity of the �triple pivote’ and that tension does not appear anywhere, it results difficult to change the script, because all three substitutions are often inadequate. Alfonso Andrade

La Opini??n A Coru?±a: Trivote to the trash. Losing at El Madrigal falls within reason, although yesterday Deportivo gave the impression of having given to its rival the first hour of play. Miguel Angel Lotina opted for aligning since the beginning the three defensive midfielders in order to have more presence in the wide area. However, it was Villarreal who handled the encounter at its will most of the time. Specifically, just over sixty minutes, same time the Basque coach needed to send Valer??n, Bravo and Lafita to recover the 4-2-3-1, a tactical approach  that made Depor felt much more comfortable and gave true sense of danger.

From the start, the Galician team was well armed and equaled the balance, although the early goal from Cazorla knocked off the Blanquiazul footballers. Since then Depor suffered from an empty mind and Villarreal had occasions to leave the clash sentenced. In the second half, especially after the changes, the Galician team really began to believe that it was possible to obtain something at El Madrigal. Cristian, gray, left his site to Lafita, with whom Depor had more depth thanks in part to the manoeuvres from Juan Carlos Valer??n, with and without the ball.

With a playmaker behind the striker, the Galician side improved significantly. It had the ball more often and it handled it with more discretion. Lotina has enough reason to re-bury, at least for a few weeks, the novel trivote. This time it didn’t give result. Last season he barely used this tactic, and almost always with success, but this time it didn’t work. In addition, the coach noticed that at any squad, even if all players are important, you will always have starters and substitutes. Eugenio Cobas

AS (Madrid): Villarreal met its first league victory in front of the first defeat for Deportivo and it did it wearing its identity: touch, touch, touch, and dynamite speed in attack, although less strongly this time for its interests. Much had to do, anyway, Aranzubia for the Galicians to not leave El Madrigal with a bigger defeat. The great afternoon of the Basque even gave the visitors the opportunity to add a point, but a great action of Sergio in the final minutes ended with a shot of the Catalan to the post defended by Diego Lopez.

Without Nihat and Rossi on the pitch, Santi Cazorla brought to light and led to the submarine to victory. The Spaniard has climbed several steps in football since last year, after his great EURO, he continues to evolve. Yesterday, next to 'Ca?±o' Ibagaza, was the one that put the team to his back as he was creating the best actions for Pellegrini’s men. To stop the torrent of two small yellow footballers and limit the hierarchy of Senna and Edmilson, Lotina brought a trivote, with a dose of quality from Juan Rodriguez in midfield, but Deportivo was overwhelmed in the first 45 minutes. Sergio, Antonio Tomas and the ex-Malaga were overwhelmed at all times by the yellow team and Mista, who rose versus Real Madrid, was again sleeping over the grass.

Far from awakening, Depor was able to receive at least two more goals during the first half. But if Mista was gone, Llorente was very unfortunate, to crash twice against a spectacular Aranzubia. After the break, the entry of Altidore gave even more speed, but not effectiveness, to Villarreal’s game. Aranzubia again gave the maximum in a shot of Capdevila and this, finally breathed new light to Deportivo, which was dominant in the last 25 minutes. So much that had the opportunity to end the part of the submarine, with a splendid action of Sergio, although his shot, accompanied by the gaze of Diego Lopez, crashed into the post. A defeat that was foreseeable for Deportivo, tough should make Lotina reflect about his game. Javier Minu?©s
El Peri??dico Mediterr??neo: It took only two games for Villarreal to regain its best version. If the pre-season games generated doubts and if the game practiced during the opening match against Osasuna didn’t convince either, yesterday, the submarine offered a very different face, a prototype of what may be this year's squad of Manuel Pellegrini. In other words, a compact block, ambitious and that’s willing to lock its rivals. And, as it happened to Deportivo, watch over and over again bombarded its goal. It was won by the minimum score, thanks to a genius Cazorla, but the yellow submarine gave a warning to its rivals in liga and why not, to Manchester United too.

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