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15 Sep 2008
Lotina and the players understand that a defeat at El Madrigal was an ?acceptable? result taking in mind that Villarreal was the runners-up of the past season. However some of the players were feeling sorry for the chances missed at the end of the game. One of the factors appointed as one of the causes for the result was the heat felt during the encounter.

Coach Miguel ?ngel Lotina was trying to explain why his team lost at El Madrigal "I think in the first half of hour we have endured well, but after the goal from Cazorla things were a bit more complicated. Villarreal has created danger and we had many gaps. We missed joy to end the plays and we must correct these facts". He also admitted that ?El Madrigal is a stadium in which a defeat can be reasonable.?

A factor that was appointed by the Basque coach as a decisive one was the heat felt at the stadium "The heat has passed the bill to us and although we can say that also to Villarreal, what happens is that we, as visitors, had more troubles to run" but he also stated that his team missed more ?aggressiveness on the pitch?

Lotina also defended the decision about leaving Valer??n on the bench "It’s my judgment and I may be wrong, but I always try to be as fair as possible. I do what I think is the best. Another thing is that what I want can be matched with what people want, but I can not do the lineups thinking only of the calls from the people. Anyhow Valer??n will be a very important player for us.?

Midfielder Antonio Tom??s, who debuted as starter on this liga season, stated that Villarreal deserved the victory "They have players of great quality. They are at a very high level and we couldn’t do anything. They come and capitalised one occasion, and we did not. Until the 1-0, we were fine, but then we came down a bit and they had more opportunities. Their victory was fair"

Meanwhile, defender Laure expressed his unhappiness with the defeat "I'm dissatisfied, but we must look forward and keep working. Before the goal of Cazorla, the game was equal, but then we were complicated. Since that moment there were more open spaces and they took advantage of it. In addition, the heat was terrible and that can be seen on the pitch"

Other player like Antonio Tom??s that was debuting in this liga season was Angel Lafita. The Aragonian winger understands that Villarreal deserved the win, but also that Depor had its chances to catch a point ?In the end we had opportunities to obtain a point, but it was a shame because we couldn’t score. We have to recognize that Villarreal was the deserved winner. They have a great team, everybody knows that and we have to congratulate them. Now we must thing on what will happen on Thursday on Norway, because we are going to face a complicate match. We must try to score a goal, because it will be important for the returning game.? 

Striker Omar Bravo appeared again for the second half, the Mexican tried to explain what he did in the game ?I tried to found myself in the best possible way, but when I entered, the game was already broken. We didn’t have luck this time, but the game is useful in order to realise that we can play face to face against any adversary.?

The starting striker in the game was Miguel ?ngel Ferrer ?Mista’, the ex-Valencia wanted to emphasise the positive image left by the squad ?We lost, but we faced very well a rival that was really complicated. I really wanted to score in this occasion, but things are like this and it was the scheme we found out.?

President Augusto C?sar Lendoiro traveled with the squad and despite the result, he was content with the work done by the squad ?We saw some plays of danger and maybe we missed to shot with more frequency. Evidently the result isn’t good, but the game was, reason to think we can make a really good season. ?

Goalkeeper Dani Aranzubia was one of the heroes as he avoided a bigger defeat, he talked on Monday at Abegondo and assured that his work was a secondary thing "The individual performances are in the background, especially when the team loses. No matter what you have done, you've stopped, if you have committed an error, because we want to win and the individual performance is secondary,"

The Basque also blamed the heat for the poor performance of his team and gave his opinion about his role at the squad "We lacked that little spark that we have had in recent games. We played at five in the afternoon and with that heat… we can’t  make excuses, but it's there. About the position, we have to fight hard every week; to think that we have a secured place is a mistake. We must work because if not, what today is very beautiful, whether on Thursday or on Sunday we make a mistake, then things will become completely different.?

At Villarreal, Galician keeper Diego L??pez was assuring he’s convinced that Depor will make a great season ?Depor manages the set pieces really well, but we were fine too, we had plenty of occasions and we achieved three important points. I believe that Depor will make a very good season.?

Similar were the thoughts of Joan Capdevila ?It’s always difficult to defeat Deportivo, who is already climbing. I didn’t do a great game, but at least I helped to win the match. We had enough chances to define the game, but in the end we were praying for the final whistle. Depor has quality players, I believe that Valer??n gave a second air to the squad.?



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