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23 Sep 2008
Two Basque coaches are colliding at the Reyno de Navarra. Lotina visits his ex-team assuring that Deportivo needs ?more centimeters’ on the pitch. Meanwhile Ziganda fears Depor, a team that he described as ordered and patient. This is the fifth confrontation between these two men, so far both have achieved two victories.

Every visit to Pamplona represents a special game for Miguel ?ngel Lotina, because the Me?aka-born manager spent three straight seasons there (1999/2000, 2000/2001 and 2001/2002). He coached Osasuna during 76 games in Primera Divisi??n and accumulated 20 victories, 24 draws and 32 defeats. Despite his team always struggled to survive, the fans of Los Rojillos have always appreciated him. Mainly because he was the one that achieved the promotion to Primera during the season 1999/2000.

In the other side, Jos? ?ngel Ziganda is living his third season in Primera Divisi??n. After 79 matches with Osasuna, he accumulates 25 wins, 16 draws and 38 defeats. Ziganda and Lotina have faced each other in four opportunities with a balance of two victories for each side. Lotina won the first duel (2-1 win of Real Sociedad over Osasuna on the season 2006/2007) and also the last one (1-0 win of Depor at Reyno de Navara during the past campaign). 

Deportivo’s coach talked on Tuesday’s morning, after the last training at Abegondo and before the trip to Pamplona. He firstly explained the factors that he takes in mind to decide about the rotations ?When people talks about rotations, it’s not that I will replace a right-back for another one, it’s that we look to some factors like the kind of game we are expecting, how are the players, if you play outside home or not… there are factors to analyse and later you see if you guessed right.?

Asked if he’s planning to use Juan Rodr?guez in the game, he responded ?The other day he did a pretty game, the only problem we have is the height. These are footballers that have passion and football, but they miss presence on the pitch. Tough the other day and against (Real) Madrid things went well, it’s important to have centimeters. And that’s what Juan put to the team, between other things.?

Later the Me?aka-born manager explained the status of Mista and why Lafita and Riki were left out of the game ?Mista is fine, he has been sick all over the week, but now he’s very well. ?ngel got injured on Sunday and yesterday he wasn’t able to complete the training. About Riki, 23 days have passed since his injury and we were expecting for a recuperation period of 30 days. He’s working really well, but it’s better to not force him and let’s se if he plays in Valencia. The problem is that during the trainings, he works with the brakes on and then for the games he takes it off, something that provokes new setbacks. We can’t allow losing him again, it’s better to be sure.?

It was expected that Omar Bravo would be a starter, but the competition committee didn’t lift ban over the Mexican, once again Lotina talked about the red card saw in the action with Mallorca’s keeper Moy?? ?Its true there was a wound during the play, but the same happened with the foul of Giovanella over Manuel Pablo and nobody asked for a card. In football there are a lot of contacts that don’t deserve to be booked, if you don’t want to receive punches, then you should play cards. It was a divided ball in which everybody can be hurt, those are plays in which no cards should be shown, even the referee has to figure it out, tough too late.?

Finally, Lotina had some words for his ex-team, Atl?tico Osasuna ?Osasuna has spent the last years with good people. On the last year they had some injury cases, but they are fine now and have made good signings. It’s a team that plays good football and that has strength. Although they haven’t won yet, they are a team that belongs to the top zone of the table.?

Osasuna’s manager talked after Tuesday’s training, he didn’t release the list of called players since he wants to check the condition of some players on Wednesday, reason why the list will be available until a couple of hours before the game. Ziganda said at the Tajonar’s press room that his team is wishing to win for the first time on the season ?We are willing to win. We must assume the role that this necessity carries on. The three points can confirm the good sensations we have. Besides, it’s good to play so soon in order to have a little joy.?

About Deportivo, Jos? ?ngel Ziganda is aware the Galicians are used to achieve positive results in Pamplona ?We have to win, yes or yes. But we must realise that Depor always achieve good results at our stadium, they feel comfortable playing there. But we are searching for three points that will give us confidence and to climb positions. The confidence comes with the game and strength, but also with the points.?

The Basque trainer didn’t want to confirm a starting lineup for the game, basically because he still have some doubts due to the injuries ?The team for the game is not decided yet, because we still have 24 hours for the rest and to recuperate some players. We will see what we can do, but I’m sure the ones going out will fulfill their duty.?

However Ziganda confirmed that Iran midfielder Masoud Shojaei will be a starter after his impressive job in Mestalla ?He has won a place in the lineup. He has surprised because nobody knew him, but we are not surprised. The thing is that he’s a skilful player, someone with the capacity to solve a game and that can create troubles to the rival. That’s what we all want. I am not worried for the casualties. We had five changes in Valencia and people were fine. A lot of changes, but a similar development. People are used to play and we have enough people in order to do it.?

Finally, Ziganda wanted to remind that his team needs patience in order to defeat Deportivo ?we know they are an ordered team, a rival with patience and that will try to create the same damage than the past year. We must be focused during the entire ninety minutes, because it’s not easy to create occasions against them, and because they are there in order to take advantage of any weakness.?

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