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26 Sep 2008
Deportivo is once again suffering from a lack of aim. After four matched in la liga, the Galicians have only scored two goals, that’s one of the worst marks in Primera Divisi??n. However the Galician team has only leaked two goals, record that’s the best in la liga. Despite the season has just started, it’s clear that Depor is living the same problems of recent seasons.

Four matchdays in la liga and three presentations in the UEFA cup have been enough to raise the alarms at Deportivo. That’s because in five of those seven official games the Galician squad has ended scoreless. And the centre of all the criticism has been coach Miguel ?ngel Lotina. His decisions and sometimes ?weird’ line-ups aren’t convincing the fans or the media. Also, the Basque manager has presented defensive approaches in several of those matches and has reserved some offensive players due to his policy of rotations.

No matter the reason for the situation, the real thing is that Deportivo has only conquered two goals in la liga and other two after three presentations in the UEFA cup. Actually the team accumulates four straight officials games without scoring a goal (Villarreal, SK Brann, Mallorca and Osasuna), in other words 399 minutes scoreless.

This is the second worst record since Lotina took charge of Deportivo’s squad, on the past season the team accumulated 425 minutes goalless between matchday 3 and 7 in la liga, record that will be broke if Depor spent 27 minutes without scoring a goal in the upcoming liga game against Valencia FC. The mark of only two goals in la liga is also the second worst of the current teams in Primera Divisi??n, only Malaga, team that hasn’t score yet, presents a worse mark.

However, the problem of the goals in not a new thing at Deportivo. Between the years 1999 and 2004 the Galician squad was used to score at least sixty goals per season in Primera Divisi??n, but this average has been reduced in a 25% within the last four seasons: 46 on the season 2004/2005, 47 on the 2005/2006, 32 on the 2006/2007 and 46 on the 2007/2008.

The causes for this drought during the present season seem to be the same ones of the past year: lack of aim and lack of offensive game. After four matches in liga, Depor has only made 105 crosses to the rival’s area. That’s the 12th record between the 20 clubs in Primera (Barcelona is the best with 154). Also, the team has made 42 shots, but only 12 of these efforts have been made on target, that’s an average of 3 per match. Too skinny for a team aspiring to bigger things.

At least the defensive sector is performing well and is helping to keep the team in a decent position in la liga. Despite the two goals leaked against SK Brann and that could cost the UEFA elimination, Depor has only allowed two goals in liga and two in the UEFA cup (against Brann). Actually, it’s the best record at Primera Divisi??n tied with the leaders Villarreal and Valencia.

A curiosity is that despite Depor is one of the three teams leaking less goals in la liga, the Galicians are at the same time the second team that allows more shots from the rival. After four matches in liga, Depor has suffered 70 shots made by the rival, that’s an average of 17.5 per game. Only Sporting Gij??n has allowed more (80). The big difference is that only 17 of the 70 shots made by Depor’s rival reached Aranzubia’s goal, the rest were deflected or went wide. Meanwhile 42 of the 80 shots allowed by Sporting have reached its goal, main reason why they have allowed the astonishing number of 19 goals in 4 matches. Also, an important factor at Depor has been Daniel Aranzubia, keeper that accumulates eight saves in four games.

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