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26 Sep 2008
It’s the worst start for Tito Ramallo since he took charge of Deportivo B in the year 2001. Fabril has only earned a point after five matches in Segunda B and occupies the last place in group one. The big changes made in the squad for the present season are appointed as the main reason for this behaviour, now coach Rogelio Ramallo ask for patience in order to assimilate these changes.

?We have a lot of things to work on? that’s the resume made by Tito Ramallo about the poor results of Deportivo B during the present season. The single point conquered after five presentations in Segunda B represents the worst mark since Ramallo signed as the coach of the team back in the year 2001.Very different thing to the situation lived on the past year, occasion in which Fabril was even close to earn the promotion to Segunda Divisi??n.

Without doubt the main explanation for this behaviour is the long list of casualties in mid-season. Fabricio, Piscu, ?lex and Laure were promoted to the first team, while Borja Facal, Chapi, Juachi, Carlos Pita, Jos? Arenas, Roberto Casado and Rub?n Rivera left the team. That means eleven players that are no longer part of Depor B. To make things worse Ramallo has faced on the start of the present season the casualties due to injury reasons of Aridane, Herbert, Guille and Chema.

But it’s not the first time in which Ramallo faces this situation, he lived a similar scenario for the seasons 2001/2002 and 2004/2005, moments in which the B squad of Deportivo suffered major changes due to promotions and exits. That’s how important players like Isaac, Dani Cancela, Antonio, Borja Lage, David Y???ez or Recam??n left the team. In both occasions Fabril had a poor start in liga but ended in mid-table. However at the time Depor B was playing in Tercera Divisi??n.

Ramallo knows that he has quality players at the squad and that what he needs now is patience and time, as he said recently ?It’s necessary to allow the growth of the B squads. These teams suffer more the change of cycles because their footballers are younger and are improving year after year. It’s the price that the B squad has to pay. La liga has just started and we don’t have a big margin to commit mistakes.?

That’s why Fabril’s coach request for patience from the fans ?The adaptations are different because the players are others. We are just discovering ourselves. I ask for calmness and for the moment this is what we have. We can’t forget that our main goal as a B squad is to form players.?

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