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30 Sep 2008
The poor results during the last weeks have increased the pressure inside the squad, it has been rumoured that Sergio had a discussion with second coach Ribera for the disaster in the game with SK Brann and that this was the reason why he was left out of the visit to Valencia. New problems for Lotina after the crisis with the goalkeepers lived on the past season.

Tough times for Deportivo after spending one month without achieving a victory during an official match. It seems that Lotina’s decisions about his policy of rotations are not only creating doubts and criticism in the newspapers, but also inside the squad. For the past game with Valencia FC, midfielder Sergio was left out of the list for the trip to Mestalla. In a first moment this measure was understood as a new chapter in the policy of rotations made by Lotina during this start of season.

But reports have started to come to light appointing there’s more, journalist Alberto Gomez Barros from Onda Cero was the first one to point out the problems. He assured that Sergio’s absence from the trip to Valencia was not caused by the policy of rotations, but for a personal confrontation with second coach Jos? Luis Ribera. Apparently the Catalan reclaimed to the coaching staff the poor planning of the game at Brann. Gomez Barros assures that Ribera responded saying to Sergio that he was one of the responsible for the debacle and that the right place to talk about it was inside the pitch at the Brann stadion and not after the game.

This version was confirmed later by Gonzalo Soto in radio Galega, Soto is considered as one of the most accurate reporters in the city. He also affirmed there was a big discussion between Ribera and Sergio in Norway after the defeat with Brann, and that this was the reason why Sergio didn’t play against RCD Mallorca a few days later and also was the reason why the Catalan wasn’t even called for the trip to Valencia.

And on Tuesday, newspaper Xornal accused Lotina of converting the lineups into a ?lottery’ instead of building up the squads according to the talent and order of his players. The article blames Lotina for the humiliation in Valencia and appoints to his poor decision at the hour of deciding who will play in midfield. In this same article the author (anonymous) suggests that Sergio was suspiciously excluded from the game at Mestalla, something that hasn’t been explained by the coaching staff and that apparently was caused for a conflict with the coaches. The author appoints the Catalan was suggesting a bigger participation of Andr?s Guardado and ?ngel Lafita in the starting squads.

No matter if these rumours are true or not, the important thing is that the problems are coming in complicate moment. Instants in which Deportivo is trying to survive in Europe and find its road in la liga. It isn’t the first time in which Miguel ?ngel Lotina faces internal problems, on the past season he already had to deal with the conflict between Mun??a and Aouate, confrontation that hit the club just when Depor was trying to leave the drop zone in la liga.

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