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30 Sep 2008
Tito Ramallo is living one of his worse moments after taking control of Deportivo B in 2001, but at least the work is leaving positive notes like the consolidation of Rochela and especially the appearance of 18-year-old right winger Carlos Monje Serrano �Chirri’, player that has impressed with his performance in the last two games.

Chirri is a small (height 1.65 m) and �skinny’ boy (62 Kg) that despite the limitations of his physical presence is capable to create big problems to the rivals. He was born in Merida and has already played for the youth teams of Villarreal. Coach Tito Ramallo has liked him for his daring behaviour inside the pitch and also fro his secureness with the ball. Chirri himself explained to newspaper La Opini??n why he has evolved so quickly �I am already mature. I say this because I was forced to leave home really early, when I was 11, I had to go to live to a different house in order to play at Villarreal. This made me grow faster and it has helped me in each place where I have been.�

The youngster spent two years at Villarreal (Infantil squad) and had to return to Merida after suffering an injury that left him out of action for three months. When he returned, a scout of Deportivo saw him during a game in Merida, but it was another Galician team, Monta?±eros, the one that signed the right winger. After an impressive year with them, he moved on to Deportivo Juvenil A, squad where Chirri played on the past season.

The club’s coaches were so impressed with him and despite he’s only 18, it was announced he would alternate between Juvenil A and Deportivo B for the `present campaign. Things started well for Chirri as the right winger scored a goal and gave two assists during the first two games with Juvenil A (1-2 Vs Pabell??n and 4-0 Vs Sporting Gij??n). Then he was called to Fabril. Chirri debuted in the home defeat with Guijuelo playing for the last fifteen minutes, later he was a starter in the last two games against Ponferradina and in the derby with Celta B. In this last one he was one of the most active men for Depor B.

Chirri commented about his quick progress at Depor’s youth system �Little by little the opportunities are knocking at my door. I feel fine because the coach has given me the confidence. I won’t mind to go down to Juvenil A again, because that’s my team. In Segunda B you can notice the big change of category, in the pace, the way in which the ball is treated, the pressure from the public. Here you can’t make fun with the ball, not even in a joke. The majority of the rivals are older than me, with a better height and weight, but I am not afraid. The coach has told me I should be calmed, that I shouldn’t mind about making the jump and his words have helped me.�

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