01 Oct 2008
Striker Riki talked with Sportpaper <i>AS</i> about the game with Brann, the Madrilenian will be a starter against the Norwegians and previews that Deportivo will fight until the end in order to achieve the pass to the group stage. The ex-Getafe also defends Lotina for his policy of rotations

Q: A month after your injury, you had the opportunity to return at Mestalla. How did you felt?
A: I felt good. Injuries come with the job and now I just think about returning to my previous state. It's just that it wasn’t the comeback that I expected. The team came down a bit with the draw and we leaked four goals, and it could be five.

Q: Just a few weeks ago, everybody was praising Deportivo, but now everything has changed. What is happening to the team?
A: In football a day you're up and in the other you’re down. Neither before we were not as good as someone said nor we are as bad as people thinks now. We've got a bad streak and we must try to recover the mentality of last season. If we don’t work all together, we are transformed into a vulgar team.
Q: So it’s a problem of labor and concentration?
A: And sacrifice. Nobody here wants to play badly, that's clear, but we also have to do our part to contribute to this.

Q: The theme on vogue is related to the usual change of system made by Lotina. Whether it affects a team?
A: I think not. The coach knows us and he knows how to use the players at all times. This team has won and lost with all the systems. You can not say we've had a fixed course, because with both defensive systems, with four or with five players, we have had good and bad matches. The systems do not win the matches, that isn’t the problem. 

Do you know the strikers in this team have spent 240 minutes without making a shot on goal?
A: I did not know. The forwards are always in the eye of the hurricane, but we also need to reach the area to make goals and create opportunities. Against Mallorca, there were opportunities, but very few in Pamplona.

Q: When the goals don’t arrive, people will always remember the striker that wasn’t there and in this case that person is you.
A: It’s also true that when I got injured, I was in a good moment and scoring goals. That injury was a pity, but now I want to come back and help the team.

Q: It’s time to start thinking about the game against Brann
A: Yes. We already knew the match in Valencia was very complicated and to receive four goals is something that nobody likes, but now comes an important game for Deportivo. UEFA is a very attractive competition and all of we would like to continue in Europe.

What are the chances to surpass this challenge?
A: What’s clear is that there are possibilities. If you believe that is lost, turn off and go out. The team did not play the game and that's it, but I am convinced that Deportivo will give the face.

Q: Did you have the opportunity to follow on television the first leg in Norway?
A: Yes, I watched it at home. Maybe we were too much relaxed, we thought we had the game already won and they gave us a lesson. Now we want to demonstrate to Brann that Deportivo is not like they think.

And what do you think that Brann thinks after the first-leg?
A: They would believe that we have nothing to do and that they can win at the Riazor too, but there’s still too much to play. If the fans are turning to the team, we can achieve the comeback. I have no doubt about that.

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