08 Oct 2008
?ngel Lafita is the current Pichichi at Deportivo. The Aragonian winger has scored two goals within the last two games in la liga and lives a sweet moment. He talked with Sportpaper <i>AS</i> and analysed the current problems at Depor including the lack of goals and the rotations at the squad.

Q: A long search for a striker, and we already had one: ?ngel Lafita.
 A: (he laughs) who, me?  I have been scoring, but I am not the number nine on the team.

Q: You scored against Valencia and also against Numancia, besides it was a pretty goal.
A: Yes, after a free-kick coming from Sergio, I found the space and I was lucky enough. Great technical skill? It’s just a matter of advancing on the pitch, to put the head and touch the ball, not the big deal.
Q: The true is that Colotto, Lafita… the goals are returning, but the strikers aren’t appearing. Besides all the goals are coming in stationary plays.
A: It isn’t important. The occasions to score are arriving, no matter is me or my team mates, and the goals are coming too. It isn’t necessary to pay attention to it.

Q: OK. The other recurrent subject is the one of the rotations. The tireness was noticed in the second half against Numancia, and the public responded with whistles.
A: It’s something understandable. The game with Brann meant 120 minutes and we knew we will pay the price physically during the second part, because it’s the logical thing. After 72 hours, the body is not recovered from such an effort. We knew how to play with the result and that was the main cause of our victory.

Q: Lotina bet in putting you as a playmaker. Taking in mind that the coach is protecting Valer??n, maybe you will have to play more games there.
A: I feel comfortable playing there, I felt free. On the past year, with Wilhelmsson I was already performing as a playmaker and it isn’t a weird thing for me.

Q: The week was perfect, and its that after the defeat with Valencia, everything seemed to be upside down.
A: We knew we had to achieve the two objectives, to pass the round in UEFA and to achieve the three points in liga, something that will allow us to close the week and would give us the tranquility before the pause. I believe this rest is good for us, because we have a lot of games at our back and we need to be recuperated.

Q: Eight points: two wins, two draws and two defeats. It looks like a regular performance, but it isn’t
A: But we must stay with the fact we already have eight points. I believe it’s a good number in six games, especially for the calendar that we had at the beginning of the season, it wasn’t easy.

Q: The eight points taste better if we compare the present with the situation on the past year. After six games, the eight points are almost the half achieved in the entire first part of the past season (17)
A: The true is that, if you look it in that way, it’s real… but each year is a different world. Maybe we would lose this kind of games on the past year, for one thing or another. We just need to continue following this line, which is the good one.

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