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09 Oct 2008
The Madrilenian central defender hasn’t been able to debut on the present season due to an Achilles injury. In the beginning the problem should be resolved in two weeks, but Amo already spent two months without improving his condition, so far the doctors are waiting to see the results of the physical therapy. If his case doesn’t change, he could be operated. In the meantime his name has been linked again with Zaragoza.

In August, when Deportivo was near to face Bnei Sakhnin in the Intertoto cup, it was announced that Pablo Amo was suffering a Achilles injury on his left leg, a problem that would sideline him for two weeks. The Central defender started to feel some pain in the region during July and he was treated with a physical therapy consisting in electrical discharges

The diagnosis of the doctors was that he was suffering from Enthesopathy, an injury that consists of an inflammation in the region right where the Achilles attaches to the heel. It wasn’t the first time in which Amo suffered a problem in the same region, a couple of years ago he suffered a similar problem when he was loaned to Valladolid. Due to this problem the defender was unable to play any game with the violet team.

At the time he was operated and later joined Recreativo de Huelva in a new loan deal. Now the doctors are considering a new operation in order to correct the problem once and for all. But a new surgery will mean other two months out of action. For that reason they prefer to continue with the physical therapy, since the results take a while in order to be noticed, they are just waiting in order to see if the player improves from the pain in the sector. If the pain continues, the central defender will have to go through surgery again.

In the meantime his name continues to be linked with Real Zaragoza. Radio Galega announced on Wednesday that coach Marcelino Toral continues interested in the central defender, specially now that Luis Cuartero and Rub?©n Pulido are long-term injury cases at the Aragonian club. Apparently Los Ma?±os will try to sign him in January, something that would be possible since Amo hasn’t played yet five games with Depor during the present season.

The same source claims that president Lendoiro is trying to take advantage of the situation. During the summer it was rumoured that a €2 million transfer was negotiated between both clubs, now Radio Galega affirms that Lendoiro is ready to accept less money, but only if Zaragoza accepts to cancel its buyout option over Angel Lafita, clause that could be used during the summer of 2009. Meanwhile, it should be appointed that Pablo Amo ends his contract with Depor in June of the next year, meaning he could negotiate by his own with any club starting in that month.

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