09 Oct 2008
Newspaper La Opini??n A Coru?a talked with Julian De Guzm??n about his confrontation against his brother Jonathan in the UEFA Cup. The Canadian midfielder revealed that he knows pretty well the style of his brother and that he’s excited about the meeting with Feyenoord.

Q: The result of the draw should be fulfilling your hope: to face your brother.
A: Yes. It’s a new experience for us. There’s a lot of excitement for this encounter and it’s already a dream for both of us to be meeting in a football pitch. We will see what happens, because I support him a lot and he also supports me, but now we will fight for our teams and in big competition.

Q: Is the first time that both face each other in a official tournament?
A: Yes, it’s the first time. We always talked about our dream of playing someday in the same team, but now we will be rivals.

Q: Will you avoid any direct contact during the game?
A: Well, he plays a lot on the right wing and also as second striker, but surely we will collide several times during the game.

Q: Will this be a test to see who is better?
A: Since we were kids, we were playing football together and we always joked about who was the best. Now it’s another thing, this is serious and we will play as professionals.

Q: You are the older brother, are you his protector?
A: Yes, he’s 21 and I kind of protect him, like he was my student. I teach him what I am learning in football. I told him that to be a professional means to be always focused. I always follow him when he plays with his team and that’s an advantage, because I know his style of playing.

Q: And how is he?
A: He’s a player that scores a lot of goals, He has spent four years at Feyenoord and he likes to practice a very offensive game. He was played with The Netherlands during the Olympic Games in Beijing and he already has experience in the UEFA Cup.

Q: It would be fine to see Depor putting his eyes over him so you will fulfill your dream of playing in the same team.
A: Yes, it will be nice, because his dream is to play in the Spanish League. He likes it and soon he could be reaching that level. Then I will be very happy for him.

Q: Now you could act as spy and tell your team mates about how they can stop your brother
A: Yes, tough we haven’t spoken about that yet. The match still far, but it’s true that when the moment arrives, I know his style of playing, his football and also his team. I know several of the players at Feyenoord as I visit the city and him . It’s a team with a pretty experience in UEFA and let’s see what can happen over the grass.

Q: And Jonathan? Does he know about A Coru?a too? is this his first visit?
A: Yes, he knows A Coru?a since he already came a couple of times, so I won’t have to show him the city. He could teach his team mates.

Q: Are you conscious about the meaning of Roy Makaay’s return to the Riazor?
A: Yes, he understands all the respect and admiration that people has with Roy Makaay. When I was a kid, I watched Makaay several times at Deportivo, also when I was in Germany. He’s a dangerous striker and both of us know that’s really exciting to see him playing here once again.

Q: For you work, you surely don’t see each other too often. Curiously a draw is putting you together.
A: Yes, it will be a little weird, because normally I watch him on television, from the distance, but to see him on the same pitch is something different.

Q: Have you already talked with your parents about the meeting?
A: Yes and my brother will invite the whole family to A Coru?a to watch the game, because it will be a pretty moment. Just imagine the meaning for my father to see his two sons facing each other on the pitch.

The poor one should be in a mess, with the heart divided in two.
A: Well, I guess he will like to see both teams passing the round. My parents support us separately, but when the two of us face each other, they won’t know what to do. It will be pretty exciting.

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