10 Oct 2008
Albert Lopo has regaining his past form as the Catalan is a fixed alternative in the lineups of Lotina. The ex-Espanyol central defender talked with newspaper La Voz de Galicia about his current physical condition and also about the situation of Deportivo.

Q: Have you completely forgotten the injury?
A: I can’t complain about it, things are fine after been out during several weeks of the past year. The fact of being on shape, recovering the confidence and playing games is something good for me and each time I’m feeling better. Besides, if the team is working, we also feel fine.

Q: Do you regret for some decision you took on the past year?
A: No, no. Sometimes I think that other player wouldn’t do the things I did, I was wishing to go out and help the team. Maybe I wasn’t giving what I wanted, but for the hope and will, I always tried.

Q: Was your problem something mental besides to the physical aspect?
A: What happens is that the type of injury I suffered is something that affects you in a personal way. You see that you can no longer do the things you did before, like reaching the ball in some specific plays. Even outside the pitch, because several things were happening to me. Now everything is different, you see you can do things you didn’t do before, and you end happy for it. After feeling badly, you see things are returning to their normal position.

Q: The true is that you haven’t stopped playing since you returned form vacations.
A: And that’s good for me, because I lost football on the past year and I want to recover it as soon as possible, and for that reason I need minutes and games. Things are working out and I feel content.

Q: Is this something planned? I mean, did you talked with the coach?
A: He didn’t comment anything to me. He decides who plays and who doesn’t. I am only pleased about being playing.

Q: And in a collective sense, how do you see Depor?
A: The team is now more regular compared to the past year. Now we have to face a phase of games in which we must search the results in order to not fall down as we did on the past year, and especially to secure the home games, which are very important to us.

Q: Why?
A: We are going to face teams for our league, those who will fight for that mid-up zone in the table. And games like the one against Numancia are the points you later remember at the end of the season. Those are compromises in which we have to win at home, we need that regularly

Q: Do you understand why the fans were upset on the past weekend?
A: The fans always want the best for the team and are very demanding and it’s logical, but a lot of people think: â€?Common! you play against Numancia!â€? and it seems they don’t value the rival. Later is a team that complicated the things to us, especially in the second half when our team noticed the tireness. But we won. 

Q: There are situation that aren’t changing: the goal still to be a missing homework.
A: The goal is a matter of everybody. We all have to contribute and we know the strikers lives on streaks. They surely will score soon.

Q: You have a goal in your account, Mista another one, Lafita two… do you see yourself as a Pichichi?
A: No, no (he laughs) I have enough trying to prevent the goals from the rivals.

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